Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you get only one thing from Fyrinnae (why anyone would walk away from Fyr with only one item, I have no clue. I guess that statement is more of a literary device) it should be this delightful item. Pixie Epoxy? Eh? The first time I heard of this, I thought it was fairy superglue or something. It's a sticky, milky looking gel that comes in a lipgloss tube, with a doefoot applicator.
It's not a primer or a base, but rather a product that creates a tacky surface for loose eye shadows (or even glitter!) to sit on. Genius. Really. This is a product you -must- own if you're into pigments or mica samples (which aren't true eyeshadows, I have a post about them coming up soon) because it provides adhesion. For instance, I own a lot of mica samples from TKB- beautiful, sparkly colors that get all over the place. (Similar to glitter herpes). Without Pixie Epoxy, the amount of fallout would make them simply impossible to wear.  
It's simple enough to use, you apply the tiniest bit of the gel (seriously, smallest amount possible, if you over do it, it cakes together) to exactly where you want your loose shadow to go, I smear it with my piny finger so that it goes on in a thin layer.. Unlike primer, which most people apply over the entire lid, you only want to stick it where you really need it. Let it sit for a second, it gets tacky and then pat the shadows on until you can't feel the sticky surface any longer. No windshield wiper motions though or your surface will smear. Because my lids are slightly hooded, I find that the amount of eyelid friction going on will cause it to crease after about 8 hours or so, but that's a small price to pay to utilize shadows that were previously unusable at all. With a primer underneath the Epoxy (yup, I do both!) I get about 10 hours wear out of them. 
Have this amazing, magical gel? What do you think?

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All products featured were purchased by me, for my own use.


  1. Holy cripes! I've been hearing good stuff about Fyrinnae's epoxy, but that swatch comparison -- WOW. Just, wow!

    Definitely going to have to order some of that :P

  2. @Rae
    Yeah, this stuff is dead useful! It made me fall in love with loose shadows all over again.


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