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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
The weather today has been spectacular. Much needed sunshine after the last three rainy days. The kind of day that makes you want to drive around in your Jeep with the moon roof open, windows down and sing top 40 songs that you'd be embarrassed to admit that you like (this is also an accurate description of what I did today). However, my skin hasn't been equally as beautiful. Much as I long for skin the likes of Gabrielle Anwar and Mary Louise Parker, it's not happening today. Also, kinda on the same topic- I think my tastes are improving. I no longer crave the tanned glow of Kim Kardashian with her crazy lashes and smokey eyes (bronzed me =/= pretty me) but covet the natural 'I'm not really wearing makeup' look. 

While I can't force my skin to look good, I can fake it a bit. I'm finally getting around to talking about two products that I really, really like. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation and L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. 
Let's do the primer, because we all know that comes first (this is like beauty commandment number two or something). 
I bought this two months ago, as soon as it hit the US market. I actually stalked several drugstores, and finally went to a CVS and begged a worker who was setting up the display to let me have at them (no one said desperation is pretty). I'm really liking it. I love silicone primers, but my t-zone gets awfully oily sometimes. That's why I love this one. It also has silica, which helps keep the oilies at bay. It also fills in the pores nicely. I don't think it's 100% oil free though, so I might not use it in the summer but it's a great product for the rest of the year. It seems like a small amount for between $10-13, but it's been two months and I still haven't finished it. So lots of love for this product.
Now, my new lovely foundation. I bought this because I really needed a foundation that filmed and photographed well ( I didn't want to subject you to the pictures of my time-of-the-month zit ridden skin ). Also, I needed a good shade match. This definitely meets those demands. I got a yellower foundation, 117 which is a bit more yellow than I'm used to, but it matches my neck and body well. I may not look good in person, but my skin does look rather flawless on camera. On the other hand, I feel like it's rather obviously foundation-y. Happy, happy. I still am on the hunt for my day to day foundation (NARS Sheer Glow is looking more and more like a winner). It is a bit pricey, $40 but for the results it provides, I can't really complain. 
That's all for tonight. I think. Maybe more swatches later. 
Have any favorite new products?

Duwop Peacock Palette

Another lovely set of guest swatches today- Duwop Peacock Palette. AA tells me that she managed to snag it off for $25.

Notes: Once again, I'd like to add that AA is NW15. Deep Lavender is a a red based violet with shimmer. Bronze is a golden shimmery brown. Chocolate is a dark bronze shimmer. Bright Teal is BRIGHT blue-green, aqua almost and shimmery.Olive is a golden green shimmer. Navy is an amazingly pigmented navy blue. The DoubleGlow makes a great highlighter, and the Cheek Venom is "Cobra" - a sheer peach-coral. Sorry, no swatches of the last two- will re-edit and add them if they do get swatched.
Man, the colors look so good, it makes me want to pick up this palette myself. And I've never tried anything from Duwop.

Too Faced Singles Swatches

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
More swatches from AA. Amazing, aren't they?

Note: The base used was NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Glamorous Life is shimmery pale yellow gold with golden white glitter. Glamazon -is taupey-beige with silver glitter. Heiress is medium shimmery pink with multi colored glitter. Dirt Bag Couture is shimmery purple-y brown with gold glitter. Oscar is very yellow gold shimmer. Label Whore is red brown with blue shift and multi colored glitter (comparable to Club by MAC and Lounge by UD).

False Eyelashes Fervor (Strip False Lashes)

Alright, I'm going to continue this post assuming you've read Part 1
Let's pick out the perfect false lashes first. There's various false lashes- crazy, over top ones with feathers, crystals and colored hairs (like those sold by Shu Uemura's Tokyo Lash Bar and even NYX has theatrical lashes) but there's natural looking lashes out there as well. 
I'm going to sidetrack for a moment, and talk about price. If you're messing around with false lashes for the first time, start with cheap lashes from the drugstore. There's no point in wrecking a pair of $13 ones from MAC when you're just playing around with them. Actually, I'm not a big fan of spending lots of money on falsies- perhaps for my wedding I'll invest in a $29 pair of Shu lashes but I don't really see the point in splurging a large amount for something that is ultimately quite disposable. Yes, expensive lashes can (and should) be reused, you want to get your money's worth- but drugstore brands like Andrea, Kiss, Ardell and Revlon do just as well for certain styles of lashes, and they're really cheap, generally under $5. 
Ebay is another option too- there are very cheap lashes in bulk online. However, a lot of the lashes sold overseas in Asia are synthetic ones (all the ones you can buy from drugstores in the US are generally genuine human hair) and those can be harder to work with. Synthetic lashes are quite durable, but it's hard to adapt them to your eye shape because they like to keep their original shape which is why I prefer genuine hair lashes. 
What to look for when searching for natural lashes: 
-Invisible or thin bands. Ardell makes a whole line, InvisiBand that features clear bands. The less visible the band is, the easier it is to cover up and the more subtle the effect is. This is why I don't like NYX lashes so much- their bands are bulky and very dark and thick which makes them harder to work with. 
-Length of strip. Not all bands are equally long. I generally see three kinds of strip lengths- full strip, half strip and ones that are in between, something like a 2/3 strip. If you buy full strip lashes, there is a good chance that you will have to trim them down to keep the ends from poking your eye because it's longer than your eye shape allows. 
-Actual lashes; spacing, length & placement. Some false lashes have a cross pattern, while other lashes have separate clusters and some consist of evenly spaced hairs. Cross patterns provide a bit more 'oomph' than the other two. In any case, the most natural looking lashes will be just a bit longer than your own. 
Holy cow, I'm getting rather verbose. Ok, actual lash application time!
1. Decide when you're going to add your lashes. Lashes that are put on before any makeup application will last longer, but most people prefer to put them on after eyeshadow is applied so that no fall out gets on the lashes- it's your choice. For me, fall out is easy enough to wipe off the lashes, but I have experienced the corners of the strip coming off because it wasn't directly adhered to the skin. 
2. Start by curling your own lashes. This will help the falsies blend in better.
3. Carefully take the false lashes out of the package. When applying them, you'll do one eye at a time. Take a strip of lashes (remember to note which eye it'll go on) and fit it over that eye so that you have a good idea of where it's going to fit. Snip off a few hairs on either side if it's too long for your eye shape. 
4. Squeeze a bit of glue on to the back of your hand and holding the falsies by the lashes, run the edge of the band by the glue, dipping a little extra on the ends, where adhesion is particularly important. 
5. Wait about 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky. During this time, you want flex the entire band into a crescent shape (like your eye!). 
6. While looking downwards into a mirror, set the lash strip over your lashes, and match the band with your lash line- letting the band sit right on top of where your natural lashes meets your lid.
7. You can manipulate the glue a little before it dries. But after that, you can't really move it- you can only start over. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to completely dry. There'll probably be a little glue visible, but it'll covered up.
8. Cover the lash band by lining your lash line- preferably with gel or creme liner. Take a small angled brush and start in the middle of the eye, and work towards the outer corner. Then go back to the inner corner and meet the line in the middle. 

9. Depending on the lashes- you may want to add a coat of mascara (Shu recommends that you don't for theirs). This will help the your natural lashes blend together with the false one. However, don't curl them. Now only is this damaging to your lashes, it can make the false ones kink into weird directions. 
10. Repeat by doing the other eye.

Ta da! Much like this post, you're finally done!

There'll be another post about removing false lashes, as well as applying individual lashes.
So, how have your experiences with false lashes been?

Guest Swatches ( I Know the Coolest People)

Monday, March 29, 2010
I'm very pleased to have a guest swatcher to add to my collection of swatches! The amazing AlexisAdella is helping me out, because she has an extensive collection of Too Face and Urban Decay- particularly palettes!
She took the time to take some excellent pictures, and add on to my database (grow little database, grow). These posts will be added into my regular posts, you can find any of them anytime by searching my blog. 
Without further ado, I present to you, AlexisAdella (henceforth known as AA for short, NW15) and her work.

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy Palette

Notes: All of these are shimmer shadows. Full Frontal is warm red copper. Glamazon is like Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy in that it has big silver glitter, a peachy champagne. Socialite has multi colored glitter, a very scarlet orange peach. Boy Toy is a blue based pink. Skinny Dip is a true blue. Lucky Charms is a nice green that leans a little towards forest green. These are all very pigmented and are sold as singles (Socialite, Glamazon) or in Duos (Skinny Dip, Lucky Charms, Boy Toy, and Full Frontal). This set also came with a full sized primer- Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 

All products mentioned/photographed in this post where purchased by the AlexisAdella for her own use.

And the Greatest Deals of the Month Award Goes to: Me

I made out like a bandit today. I really did. I wasn't even really looking for good deals either! First thing in the morning, I went to Rite Aid looking for a white eyeshadow, matte. I ended up with a Wet'n'Wild Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Palette (in Sand Castle) for a grand total of $1.24. Seriously. A dollar and a quarter. I'll admit, the light shades are really sheer and rather indistinguishable, but the dark shades have nice pigmentation. Did I mention that the texture is superb in the dark shades? Mhmm. All for less than the cost of a 20oz. Coke. 
In fact, I liked it so much that I went back and grabbed another color scheme- Paradise Cove. That one isn't as nice, the matte shades are really mediocre. Still. Remember that still $1.24. I also reached for a MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink (wasn't on sale, but still a nice little surprise).
Now, phase two of my amazing day went something like this:
I wandered into Bed Bath & Beyond not really looking for anything in particular. About a year ago, they rearranged the one BB&B closest to me to include an entire beauty/body care section. It's stocked with drugstore brand makeup lines, as well as an extended array of makeup brushes, body care items, hair care products & accessories, etc. It's like the beauty & body part of a drugstore on steroids, most of it cheaper. 
Anyways, I wandered through the tight aisles for half an hour, meandering with no real destination in mind, just taking in the tall shelves and wonderful selection of POSH by Upstage brushes (even that yummy kabuki, which elsewhere is $15, but there it's $12.50). A the very bad, past the aisles full of body sprays and so forth, and you know what I spied, with my little eye? An end cap with big bins full of clearanced items. I rummaged through, and found a lot of Rimmel completely covered in 50% off tags. I grabbed two lipsticks and five blushes and an eyeshadow. At the register, the cashier took another 25% off!You know what each product cost? The lipsticks were $1.34 each and the blushes/eyeshadow where $.76 each. I ended up getting two of the same blushes by mistake, so I omitted it in the pictures below.  Here's the lipsticks- Rimmel Airy Fairy & Undressed (also grabbed a Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude)

What do you think? Get any good deals lately?

  All products featured in this post were purchased by me, for my own use. 

Cheap Finds + DIY Freestyle Palette

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So, while my fiance was at Best Buy, getting the last PS3 (which by the way, made him so giddy and happy that he tried to drive home with in his lap) I went to Marshalls, the Dollar Tree and Kmart, getting absolute beauty steals. 
First stop, Marshalls. Here's the thing about stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx, in my area (Cherry Hill/Moorestown/Haddonfield, suburbs immediately outside of Philadelphia) these stores are disaster zones. Seriously. It looks like Fallujah after an offensive. I treat it as such too, I go in on a recon mission- look around, scope it out and get out as quickly as I can. I actually have no idea why I keep going back. Mostly, it's because I keep hearing things about NARS palettes and lipgloss sets that some luckly individuals stumbled upon (what incredible finds- that's like seeing treasure washed up on the beach!). Anyways, I wanted to try my luck again. After much digging around (and I mean DIG) this is what I did spot:
-Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Shimmer Oil (Reg $35, spotted it for $19.99)
-Korres Hand Cream (discontinued, I believe- $6)
-Tons of CHI, Biosilk, bigsexyhair products (heavily discounted, seriously don't even go anywhere else to buy it)
I walked out empty handed, because I'm trying to stick to a habit of not buying what I wasn't looking for, but thought I'd give you a good idea at what's in store at the moment. On to the next store! Kmart it is!
Kmart is the only store I know of that actually sells e.l.f. cosmetics. Dollar General does carry e.l.f., but only the tools and brushes. I went in hoping to get a few empty compacts (no such luck) and some single eyeshadows and maybe a few other things. I grabbed the last two eyeshadow singles- Custome Eyes in Pink Ice and Dusk and All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade. I have a slight problem with that product being called Pink Lemonade- it's a bright, strawberry pink and I had expected it to be much more mild. I think it stems from the days when I wore Caboodles Lip Jelly Lemonade (do you remember that? It was so wonderful- smelled so good and tasted just like the real thing) and that was a semi transparent baby pink. 
Anyways back to the story, disappointed with the lack of e.l.f. Elements compacts, I went to the Dollar Tree with the idea that I could probably make my own in mind. I spotted metal gift card holders. Perfect! I also grabbed a few stackable black mini crates and hauled four Sally Hansen lipglosses. Rumors of these glosses had been the reason why I had initially came to the dollar store and I was happy with the array of colors. I got two Smile Brightening Lip Treatments in Twinkling (dark lavender) and Luminous (dark spicy nude). Also, a Natural Butter Lip Shine Gloss in Bloom (berry) and a Moist & Matte Liquid Color in Charmeuse. This post is getting absurdly long, so I'll talk about those another time.
Here's the good DIY tutorial part:

DIY Freestyle Palettes
-Magnets, preferably business card magnets (see pic). These were $7 for a pack of 25. 
-Pen or Marker
-Metal gift card holders (Found at craft stores, dollars stores, etc)

1. Flip the metal holder over, and mark out on the business card magnet where you plan to cut it and it it to fit the holder. Round the corners and peal & stick the first magnet. 
2. Trim the second one in a similar manner. Use the remnants of the first and second magnet to fill in the remaining gap. 
It's a pretty self explanatory process, I have no idea why I decided to write out instructions. 
Each one of the metal holders (3" by 5") holds 12 26mm round pans. That's right, 12! Or 4 36mm round pans and 5 26mms. Anyways, you get the idea- it's compact but holds a lot! And pretty too. 
The best part? Each metal holder was $1 and two sheets of business card magnets was about $.50. Less than $2? Awesome. 

That's all for the night, thanks for bearing with me! <3
All items featured in this post were purchased by me for my own use.

False Eyelashes Fervor (Introduction to Materials)

I am thoroughly obsessed with my eye lashes. It started when I was 10, and took a close look at my mother's eyes. Her upper lashes were sparse and were just like mine, stick lashes that stuck straight out.  What really frightened me was that at the age of 45, she had NO lower lashes left at all. Now, I realized that I'll never have a luscious fringe of soft, dainty lashes that I can flutter to flirt with, but I really would like more than the five lower lashes that I've been stuck. Recently, a few lash growing serums have entered the market (even prescription Latisse) and I've started trying products like RapidLash (I saw it at my closest beauty store for $40, but it's cheaper online at places like Amazon).
In the mean time, I'm going to fake it, and talk about my love of false lashes.
I have a kind of kit for my brows and lashes, a tool box full of tons of false lashes and lash related accessories.

Today I just want to talk about some of the extras associate with falsies, and not the actual lashes and technique quite yet. 
For Full False Bands:
First, and most important, the glue. If you're using cheap lashes (like ones found at drugstores or beauty shops) don't ever, ever use the glue that comes with it. It is almost always rubbish. I use DUO eyelash adhesive, which is the kind sold by MAC ($8) but you can find it at most any Walgreens or drugstore for around $6 (or online- Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Clear-White - .25 oz). It comes in two shades, Clear-White and Dark. Currently using the clear, but when I run out I think I'm going to switch to the dark stuff because I imagine it'd help blend the falsies in better. Pros? Cheap, it holds my lashes on all day, and does dry to a nice clear which is easily covered up by eyeliner. A small tube also lasts a really long time, been using mine at least 3 times a week for the last 6 months, no where close to running out. The cons? It smells kinda funky, like latex and fish, which is actually normal. It also contains latex, so for those with allergies- the brand Quo (Canadian, I believe) makes a latex free glue. 
Now take a look at these odd gizmos. Those familiar with false lashes might recognize them as lash applicators and a lash stand. The pink one is from Andrea and it came with an Andrea starter kit for about $7. It is, in my opinion, worthless. It's a piece of cheap plastic folded in half. I actually found that when trying to put on lashes with it, it got in the way and made things harder. The e.l.f. one I like quite a bit (from the Hollywood Lashes Kit from e.l.f., $3). It's a clip, with rubber tipped edges so that it holds the lashes snugly but doesn't damage them. How to use this tool? Open the clip, place the lashes into the clip, let it clamp down gently and shape the curve of the lash band to fit your eye shape. It's great for beginners or those with shakey hands. This lash stand, also by e.l.f. is a MUST have if you plan on reusing your lashes. No kidding. I really struggled with reshaping my falsies before I found this cheap little thing (also in the e.l.f. Hollywood Lashes Kit). It looks simple enough, a small plastic arched form with two grooves in it. After I wash my falsies (I have a video on that, not the best quality, but you get the idea - here- ) I take them while they are still damp and set them in the grooves and add a couple of drops of so that water tension holds them in place while they dry. Last but not least, if you decide to reuse your lashes- you need a place to store them. Keeping them in their original boxes works just fine- but this is what I do to save space. I bought a cheap small storage box from the craft store, with separators (for things like beads ) and a packet of labels. Label each well, and ta da!  

For Individual Lashes Clusters:

The stuff you need for individual lashes differs from the supplies needed for full bands. Individual lashes are actually supposed longer lasting than full bands, you're 'supposed' to get weeks of use out of them according to Ardell, who makes the glue necessary- LashTite. LashTite reminds me super glue, it really does. And like super glue, I found out that it can glue your fingertips together (an unfortunate isolated incident, I swear). So, take a look at the picture above. 1- LashTite, semipermanent glue that dries quickly to a hard glossy finish. 2- Something to put the glue on, I use scraps of aluminum foil. 3- A pair of tweezers. Not your good tweezers that you use for plucking but the cheap 99-cent kind you have lying around in a drawer somewhere. 4- LashFree (found at beauty stores like Sally's or online). Please, please do not mess around with individual lashes without the glue remover. I'm saying this from personal experience. They look great when you first put them on, but after a few days, they get a little wonky and they get bent into weird directions and you'll want to take them off. You can't just pull them off because they're glued into your lash line. Nothing you have at home will remove them easily (trust me, I tried- oils, hot steamy showers, makeup remover, nothing). I had a bald patch in my lash line for a few weeks as testimony to this fact. 5. Individual Lashes, I'll talk about these during the actual tutorial. 
Alright, tune in soon for the next installments- in which I'll talk about the actual lash process!

<3, M

All products featured in this post were purchased by me, for my own use.

Check this out: Tidbits From a Makeup Noob Giveaway

Friday, March 26, 2010
So one of the blogs I've been following is having a contest. I'm a sucker for anything free, and anything chocolate  so of course I'm re-promoting it.
There's the link, have at it!

Another New Video + A Small Treat

Like this new layout? The old one wasn't cutting it anymore, the cutesy deal was starting to irritate me quite a bit. I didn't like having someone else's logo either on my page.  Anyways... 
Here's a nice little tasty tidbit. This is a shadow from Annabelle, a Canadian brand. A friend of my mine from MUA manage to acquire a few, and passed one on to me (I love you, AA). The pigmentation is quite amazing, I've always wanted a dark navy with this intensity of color. Some navy shades I see are either dull or not quite right, which makes them so hard to pull off. This is a stunner, and it looks particularly good as an winged liner. The only thing is that I'm completely spoiled by LORAC's matte textures (they're unbelievably smooth, like a con artist at a retirement home) AA and I wondered if the rest of the Annabelle were so nice. It's probably best if I don't ever find out. I know you can order Annabelle in the US, but I checked out their site and they have a minimum order amount of $30, if I remember correctly.
Also, I made another video last night, by request- for what to do with sheer blushes. In particular, sheer blushes like Hard Candy's Blush Crush Crush Baked Crush in Living Doll, where the color looks way over the top, but the color payoff is quite mild because it's (in my opinion) over baked. 

Anyways, I'm working on new material right now (a series that go in depth about my passion for amazing lashes) but just wanted to post something really quick in the meantime. 

Fun at Sephora, Swapper Things Haul

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
So, yesterday I discovered that the coverage of my foundation (Revlon PhotoReady) was not up to snuff for my video camera, which apparently can 'see' through cover up. You could see all the blemishes and scarring on my skin in the original footage! ( For the version that I actually uploaded to YouTube, I heaped on the concealer like mad). So today, I made an emergency run to Sephora- a major feat indeed because not only was I looking for a panacea of a foundation, but also I had to resist the temptation of all the wonders Sephora has to offer.

I met a really nice SA, and he helped me on my quest. I needed something without sunscreen, with heavy coverage and just had to be 'screen' worthy. I ended up settling for Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. We had a hard time determining which shade was right for me, because I'm quite neutral. He wanted 115 Ivory which has pinkish undertones, while another SA thought that 117 Marble (yellow undertones) suited me the best. 115 looked the most invisible, because my face is quite pink, but I went with 117 because my neck is quite yellow in tone and I was tired of 'mismatched-face-and-neck syndrome. He also sent me home with a few samples of NARS Sheer foundations, both in the Matte and Glow formulas. Problem is, I think I got the wrong shade of both- brought home Santa Fe but really I need Deauville.
I already gave it try and I have to say, hands down, MUFE HD is the BEST foundation I've ever used for media. In person, I think it looks questionable. But on camera, my skin looks stunning, I can't believe it.
See that lovely small haul? My favorite MUAer sent them along as extras- I was only expecting that hard to find WnW Nutty! Isn't she amazing? It included:
Too Faced eyeshadow in Show Girl
Tarte Lock & Roll Duo in Rosegold
Lancome Juicy Tube
Urban Decay eyeshadow in S&M
Urban Decay 24/7 in Gunmetal
MAC Finery mini purse
Sally Hansen Natural Shine Lip Gloss
and various samples.
This, is better than Christmas. I'm off to play with my pretties!

New Mascara Review Video!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
My hubby-to-be bought me a new video camera, a Sony Handycam last week. Here's the first video I took with it, still working out the kinks! I just realized today that it wasn't recording in the highest quality possible. Man, I wish I was tech savvy. 

FOTD- Bar Night

Monday, March 22, 2010

We went out to the Jug Handle on Friday night because our friends knew the band, and this is what I looked like. I'm not sure that I looked so hot under the blue neon Coors Light sign, but the singer was taking pictures and told me that looked really good in the photos!

Face: L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer, Revlon PhotoReady, NARS concealer in Custard, Jane blush in Petal, Pixi Bronze Bombshell Palette (blush), MAC Fix+
Eyes: UDPP, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Jane shadows in Electric Iris, Clubbing and Rockstar, LORAC shadow in Persuasion. NYX false lashes (forgot which ones), Kiss Me Heroine Volume + Curl
Lips: Viva Glam Gaga
Brows: NYX brow powder in Taupe/Ash

New Target Displays, Pt 2 (And Other Loose Ends)

What awful weather today! I woke up expecting another day like yesterday- sunny, cloudless, amazing but instead it's drizzling out. I thought I'd go back and finish talking about those new displays that I saw at Target. Here's Part 1 if you missed it. 
If you asked me to be frank, I would have to say that Pixi is very hit or miss. That Pixi Eye Bright Kit? Loved it. The Lumi Lux eye shadow palette (that palette with 20 shadows, that looked like a clutch)? Hated it. The Bronze Bombshell Set? Liked the blush, hated everything else. But a few new things caught my eye- new eyeliner pencils, new Lumi Lux palette and a interesting looking bronzer. 

First the liners- I love the new Endless Silky Eye Pens. The name is accurate, they're really smooth and long lasting. They come in interesting shades, I particularly like Black Blue and Black Tulip. They kind of give off a retro feel, interesting shades that you just don't see that often. I really wated True Teal too, because it's just so... bold! Oh, the color payoff is fantastic- vibrancy that made me want to buy them all. Here, I even swatched them all for you- 
I love the consistency. They're almost too creamy- too much pressure and you get chunks that break off as you draw. The swatch on my wrist lasted all day, and I could still see it after my shower . At $14 each, I think they are a better buy than Urban Decay 24/7s but still feel like they are out of place and price range for the average Target consumer. I can't wait to splurge on a few the next time I have some extra cash. 
There appeared to be a new Lumi Lux eye shadow palette, this one with warmer colors- russet, copper, warm nudes etc. I'm sorry I don't have a picture, but the pigmentation is just awful, as bad as the first one. I was really underwhelmed by how dull the colors looked when I swatched them. So not worth the $30.
Ooh! Isn't the finish on that blush case look really nice? I think the Lumi Lux Bronze palette is completely misnamed because when I swatched it on my finger tips, none of the three shades (or even swirled together) looked anything like bronzer. It was various shimmery pink shades. I think you get a lot of product, but for $25, if you're into the shimmer bombed look why not get two Hard Candy bronzers ($9 each) and a blush too ($7 each), instead? It'd be the same price. 
I also saw that Pixi had a crazy amount of eyeshadow palettes out, but I'm really not a fan of the pigmentation. I also noticed that a lot of the eyeshadow shades were repeated throughout the collection.
I don't think Jemma Kidd for Target had anything new out (to be honest, my powers of observations are sometimes lacking, I may have overlooked it, sorry).
NP Set had two new big boxed palettes out, and some smaller eyeshadow sets out, but unfortunately I wasn't able to play with them. 
On an unrelated note- I did finally get my hands on those two Wet'n'Wild singles I was missing- Nutty and Lagoon. Here's the finished collection of swatches: Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Singles.
Because it's so terrible outside, there's a good chance I'll be bored and posting again really soon. You know what did make my day though? I saw a pair of ducks swimming in my pool this morning! :D

The Glory of Walmart (It hurts me just to say that outloud)

Sunday, March 21, 2010
I never thought I'd be planning trips of Walmart, but I yesterday I found myself with a sweet tooth (so to speak), yearning for some Hard Candy. I bought another blush to add to my collection, having already Pin Up and Living Doll. I also spotted the HD brushes that have been spotted at Walmarts around the country.

First, the blush. I've experienced good things with Hard Candy's blushes, and I thought Pin Up and Living Doll were getting lonely in my blush drawer, so I wanted to buy them a friend. I grabbed the last Honeymoon and was a bit apprehensive about it, because it looks light neon orange with lavender veins. But then, I remembered how I'd been proven wrong about Pin Up (which looks dark orange with black veins, but shows up as a lovely peachy shimmer flush) and decided to give it a go. Now, I've been reading reviews about it on MUA, and here's what irks me: people confusing the terms opaque/sheer and pigmented/nonpigmented. It seems to me that pigmentation refers to how dense the coloring of the product is (more of a term I'd use to describe the quality), and opaque/sheer describes how see-through it is. That being said, a product can be both pigmented and sheer. This would be the case with Honeymoon, it's light and shimmery, but you'll only need a little bit of it. Also, I wouldn't really call this a blush because it's so light in color (and once blended, almost exactly my skin tone) that it actually ends up being a glowy highlighter. I'm surprised that it doesn't make me look orange at all (I honestly thought I'd end up looking like a sparkly Oompa Loompa ). Hooray, another member of my Hard Candy family.

Now, the brushes. First up, we have this nice skunk for which I paid about $6 after taxes. I bought it because Target discontinued my favorite duo fibre brush (Studio Tools skunk, which is a dupe of the MAC 187, so in essence I bought a dupe of a dupe of a brush, whose price I couldn't justify). I'm feeling rather ambivalent about it. I don't think it's as nice as the ST one, the black fibers are not as stiff or hardy so the brush head is overall more malleable. It shed a couple hairs when I washed it, and under warm water some of the bristles went haywire and curled. However, it's as dense as the ST skunk, but slightly bigger so I don't mind having it in my arsenal of brushes, especially for the price I paid for it. I do wish that the handle was longer, because it's too short for my brush holder and dwarfed by my other brushes. Great for travel though, fits nicely into my makeup bag. Edit: After using this brush a few more times, it appears that it sheds quite a bit. I wouldn't recommend it. 

This brush, excuse my language- is badass. It really is. I paid about $7, and it's most definitely worth every penny. It's so soft, and has the densest bristles I've ever had the pleasure to have held in my hands. It's great for powder foundation, setting powder, bronzer, mineral makeup (though with mineral makeup I feel like there's some waste) pretty much anything where you want to cover a lot of area with a soft, light hand. Hmm, you know what this reminds me of? Pictured on the left, is the Professionnel Platinum Bronzer Brush #48, which costs $35 at Sephora. Gee, $7 or $35? Thanks, Walmart. One thing to note, when washing this brush, you HAVE to dry it upside down. Why? If you don't, water will collect right under the bristles, in the metal cap where it's glued to the handle and after sitting there for a while, it'll smell awful. Learn from my mistake- I had stinky water leaking all of my hands when I tried to use it a couple hours after washing. Now, I tie a string around the handle and hang it from a clothes hanger. 
Not bad for $18 total, right? I can't wait to go back there to try some other brushes.