OPI Muppets Collection: Meep-Meep-Meep

Monday, October 10, 2011
Hello, readers.

My post about Warm & Fozzie polish was full of nostalgia about Fozzie Bear. Not so much with this polish. Didn't really care for Beaker (sorry buddy!).
But let me tell you a story about the word "Meep". It's sort of related. Then I'll talk about the polish.

Once, a long time ago (read: sometime this year) I went to Atlantic City to celebrate my birthday in the most ridiculous fashion we could think of- by spending the night in a city with casinos, lounges and no last call for alcohol. I was there with a close friend of mine, her nice gentleman friend and his pal who was OUT OF HIS MIND. At some point during the night this fellow decided that my name, Mimi, sounded like the roadrunner noise. So periodically he would creep up behind me and go "MEEPMEEP" in my ear.

It was unsettling.

Back to the polish.
I usually don't buy fuchsia or pink polish. This color CALLED to me from the display. It promised me that it would look juicy and delightful on my fingertips. It did not lie. Meep-Meep-Meep has little flakes of magenta, pink and gold in a fuchsia base that you can see in my picture above. It's absolutely dazzling, especially in the sun. 
I used three coats. It covered really well, typical of OPI quality.
I think is an all-around pleasing color and that even though it might not be the attention getter among all the crazy glitters in this collection, I bet it'd look great on lots of people if they gave it a chance!

Are you planning to pick up any OPI Muppets polishes?

Hope you have a great rest of the week.


PS: I'm working on that eye shadow tutorial since there was interest. Soon, I promise.

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