Twister Manicure

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I realized after finishing this manicure that I had used colors like from the game Twister.

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I used: Zoya Sooki, Pure Ice French Kiss, Color Club Almost Famous and a white franken.

It's a super easy mani. Paint your nails white, tape off the french edge with tape. Place four dots of red on each nail, then four dots of green, then yellow, then blue (or what ever order you choose) then start the cycle all over again. It looks better if you do cycles instead of trying to do all the red dots all at once, because the overlap looks more natural, it doesn't look like a certain color was painted on first.

However, I had no intention of making a Twister mani when I started.

Here's the real inspiration for the manicure.
It's an animated video from a Onyxia wipe, from when a raid leader became all sorts of angry. A World of Warcraft reference. MORE DOTS! MORE DOTS! This probably makes no sense what so ever if you've never played.

**Warning, NSFW. Strong language used**

Ok, sotp dots.

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