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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good morning!

I have been bursting to tell you about this Rescue Beauty Lounge collection. Bursting, I tell you.

Why? It has a MakeupWithdrawal polish! Yes! As one of RBL's newest bloggers, I was able to turn my dream polish into reality. It's been a full year since we started working on this shade and it's been through numerous tweakings, but it's finally ready and well worth the wait. I'm honored to unveil this shade today alongside four other blogger shades.

Valesha from PeachyPolish dreamed up - a stunning pearl burgundy that has the smoothest, most streak free application I have ever seen with fine shimmer. It looks like velvet and is satin in finish.

 Two coats. Opaque in one, the second is just to level it out.

 Manicurator by Victoria of These inspiration pictures are V's very own of Turks & Caicos. Oh yes, this aqua creme with gorgeous blue glass fleck has me simply aching to go back to T&C - you could just stare into the translucent sunlit depths of the water all day long.

Three thin coats. 

Lakeisha of Refined and Polish had a specific look in mind -  “My dream polish would be coral (more peach or orange-leaning, but not red) with turquoise and gold glass flecks or shimmer. This is a timeless combo that works so well for clothing, accessories, and makeup.”

This is two generous coats. Oh, the jelly formula is fantastic, the perfect amount of squish. 

 Yukie of Youtube channel WarmVanillaSugar0823's color was based from her father's art. “Periwinkle/Forget-me-not blue was one of my dad's favorite colors. He used that tone a lot in his paintings before he passed away. I love it paired with a soft, golden shimmer or micro glitter. This painting, called Morning Light, inspired the polish. A light, cool blue, with a bit of pale gold light coming through.”

Three thin coats. It's delicate, precious and one of my all time favorite RBL shades now.

Oh hey. My shade!

It's been one of those colors that I feel like I've always been looking for, but I can never find. My perfect shade would be almost if Piu Mosso and IKB 2012 had a child. Not quite as inky as Piu Mosso or as creme-like in its finish, but with some of IKB's vibrant jelly-like properties (but more purple). I picture it containing large gold particles instead of Piu Mosso's fine, coppery shimmer. In fact, perhaps even bigger than the gold flakes in Naked Without Polish, but sparse enough to not overwhelm the base color. I am imaging a color that is regal, guilty of hubris (that is, if a color could even be accused of such a thing), something simply exquisite like a lapis lazuli gold filigree necklace.

Due to the clumping nature of large flecks, we ended up going a different route with micro copper and fuchsia sparkle. It definitely has the essence of what I hoped for- glinting pieces in an inky, jelly indigo base.

Two coats. I am so, so pleased with this color. I haven't taken it off since it arrived.

This collection will be available for presale on 6/22 for 48 hours here. Rescue Beauty Lounge shades are $20 each.

Be sure to check out my fellow ReBeL blogger's swatches!

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