Makeup Revolution Reloaded Vitality Palette

Thursday, March 22, 2018
I recently tried out a few palettes from the brand Makeup Revolution, best known for their budget friendly dupes of mid range palettes. One of the ones that I picked up featured a color scheme very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance with its rose and warm tones.

I didn't want to commit to the original ABH Modern Renaissance, I'm not sure that I'd wear the shadows enough for me to justify the palette purchase. $7 for this similar color set up? I'd sink a few dollars into that, yeah I would.

The black border on the front of the palette kept me from seeing that the corners of one of the shadows was a bit damaged. Unfortunately, in the store it seemed that most if not all, the palettes in this style were slightly chipped off in this way. Definitely not a palette I would bring on any trip and I would be very careful with it because a single short distance fall is likely to shatter it. There's another palette that heavily borrows inspiration from ABH Subculture in the same kind of packaging and it had an identical mortality rate, it seems that these large shallow pans are just prone to breakage.

Applied with brush over primer.

Applied with a fingertip over primer.

The colors look more intense when I pat them on with my fingertips compared to a brush, especially the shimmers. The colors fade a little over time, at the end of 8 hrs of wear the over all look is a bit more muddy and the shimmer is no longer as intense. For the most part these blended out ok (the darker magenta was a little more patchy than the rest) but disappear easily during that shadow diffusion if you use a primer that is on the drier side. I use a sticky glitter primer to keep the shimmer on the mobile lid.

 Here I used the darker orange, darker magenta, and the light beige gold shimmer.

 Here the bright magenta, the darker magenta, the lighter pink shimmer, and the matte light mauve. I feel like the blend for this look executed in a less than stellar manner.

 This look uses the golden beige shimmer again, plus the chocolate shimmer, the matte orange, and the yellow ochre.

Overall this is good not great. You get a taste of the colors of MR, but the quality is not superb. Another low priced Modern Renaissance inspired palette is Wet'n'Wild's Rosé in the Air, I would probably recommend that palette over Vitality (even untested on my part) because I generally like WnW Color Icon shadow formulas and it looks to be much sturdier than the delicate Reloaded Vitality pans.

I was able to play around with the colors and pull off a number of looks, but the rose color scheme just isn't one that I reach for very often.  I'm mostly drawn to the yellow ochre/ orange shades in this palette, and I have much better quality eye shadows in those colors. A perfect storm of sale, coupon and reward points meant that I paid just a few bucks for this palette that retails for $7 at Ulta.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? I have two other palettes to review (hey it was B2G1 Free), one is the Soph X and the other is the Mint Chocolate palette.

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