2018 Beauty Let Downs

Friday, December 28, 2018

Before I trot out the products that I loved this year, I thought I'd share the products that let me down.

I like Briogeo products on the whole. Enter, Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind.  It's not a bad conditioner at all, I just don't think the price is warranted. It's a lightweight, moisturizing creme rinse that doesn't feel like there's any residue after my hair is dry. The thing is, it's CRAZY similar to the inexpensive Garnier Fructis conditioner I keep in the shower to shave with, the main difference is that Garnier Fructis Active Fruit Protein Conditioner contains silicone. To me, they are interchangeable. Only one is $28 and the other is $5. 

I love eye makeup, so brushes and eyeshadows are my bread and butter. I acquired a lot of brushes this year, but these three were not brushes that I'd recommend to other people.

The Chikuhodo RR-B3 spoolie is flimsy and the wire bristle head is easily bent. Luckily it's not very much ($9) but it's a waste for me none the less.  While I enjoyed Mizuho CMP257's ($20)  tapered shape, but the maker chose to supplement the gray squirrel with some really rough pony hair. I understand the intent; it stabilizes the integrity of the cone shape, however it feels scratchy against sensitive eyelids. I think goat would have been a better choice (a move that Hakuhodo has taken).

The Mizuho MB133  ($13) is a supple little detail brush, perfect for liner. Unfortunately the entire ferrule came off within a few months of owning it. I only washed it three times before it happened. I glued it back on, but I'm still pretty disappointed.

I purchased a bottle of Iso E Super, a dupe of Escentric Molecule's Molecule 1. I don't really smell it on me at all! In a rare reverse situation, my husband can smell it on me ("woody, I think?"). Shrug.

I bought this Molton Brown Saffron and Patchouli candle from Skinstore when they had a 30% off sale. Even before the first burn, the coloring on the glass started to peel. I should have returned it, it's just a crummy candle.

This was in an empties post a while back, but I just couldn't bear to throw it away. The Manyo Factory Ultra Moist Spa Ampoule is one of the few MF products that I couldn't use. I suspect it of breaking me out and it didn't really do much for my skin. I prefer the cream from the Ultra Moist range instead. One of the very few Manyo Products I didn't care for. 

Looxi Society, my only matte from this indie brand. It swatches ok on my hand without primer, but it's the oddest thing; I just can't get it to apply to my eyelids evenly. With primer, without primer, it looks uneven. Wears terribly. Just not my favorite matte. Still searching for my white whale: a pea soup colored eye shadow.

Overall,  nothing this year was outright terrible. In 2017 I was pretty reckless in terms of trying new products all the time, but by 2018 I straightened out and kept the new skincare to a minimum. Way fewer disappointments that way.

What products let you down this year?

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