Review: JungSaemMool High Tinted Lip Lacquer Hyper Matt

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I've eyed JSM Beauty's High Tinted Lip Lacquers for quite some time now, but they weren't easy for me to get in the United States. Bergdorf Goodman briefly carried the brand, but only some of the core products. I'm pretty much limited to using a forwarding service like KoreanBuddy. So when I had the chance, I ordered three shades in one go.

The Hyper Matt formula looked to be my cup of tea. In the last few years I've had generally favorable experiences with matte liquid lipsticks (like the ones from Pony Effect, Wet'n'Wild, NARS - great products!). The three shades I selected were Inside Red, Coral Topic, and Urban Orange.

The packaging is pretty sleek, in a minimalist chic black packaging with a thin slit of a window to reveal the color inside. NARS Power Mattes look extremely similar, but if I recall correctly JSM Beauty released the High Tinted Lip Lacquers well before NARS released their take on the matte liquid lipstick.

Left to right: Inside Red, Urban Orange, Coral Topic

Inside Red is a dark red that is not quite oxblood but still substantial all the same. 

Urban Orange is nowhere as orange as the name and stock photos would suggest. It leans much more bright red. I had hoped for something more clementine and less scarlet. Don't get me wrong, I love the color, but I already recently purchased something similar when I took home NARS Light My Fire.  

Coral Topic is more pink coral than coral pink.

Coral Topic

Urban Orange

Inside Red

These lipsticks are incredibly drying when applied straight from the tube, if you are looking for opaque coverage. The best I can do us to smudge on a thin layer with a small eyeshadow brush, starting from the inside of my lips for a blurry lip look. Even then, Inside Red is still pretty drying and the color doesn't look very even when it's applied in this fashion.

Another issue I have is that the lipsticks have a rose scent. It's a very realistic rose which seems admirable, but I'm just not a fan of that flower.

The formula is not super unyielding, nor is it ultra flexible. Somewhere in the middle. It's a tad bit mousse-y, but also a little waxy.

The Hyper Matt lipsticks wore decently for 6 hours without flaking off but did grow increasingly dry. Overall I'm not a fan, and am pretty annoyed with myself for ordering three in one go. There aren't many reviews on JSM products in English, so I didn't do my usual review reading that should have set me straight.

JSM Beauty High Tinted Lip Lacquers in the Hyper Matt formula are currently $25 on the JungSaemMool US website.

What are your recent lipstick loves and disappointments?

Products featured were purchased by me.

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