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Thursday, November 12, 2009
Oh boy, I don't even know how to begin describing this product.
It's by Tweezerman and it comes in a mascara tube with a normal wand for application. However, when you open it (carefully, carefully!) -POOF!- instead of black gloss, there's white fiber that looks suspiciously like dust bunnies. You put on a coat of mascara and while it's still wet, you touch the wand to the lashes to lightly dust them. Then another coat of mascara to fix it in place. Repeat this as many times as you want to get the desired result. You can get some crazy lengths if you keep at it!
However, it's kinda tricky and probably not for times when you're trying to get out the door in five minutes. I feel like though you can get really long full looking lashes, they look a little feathery. Like each one of your lashes look like it has split ends. I liked putting this product on my natural lashes and then putting falsies on. Sounds over the top, doesn't it? Nope, it helps the falsies blend in better! If you can follow directions, you can get the same results.

My other complaint is that there's way too much product stuffed into the tube, you really only need a microscopic amount for each application. When you pull out the wand, it gets all over the place. My solution was to pick off all the white stuff and put it into a small container until the wand just looks like it's dusty- that's all you need. Then when ever I need more, I take a small pinch and stuff it back into the tube.
Here's my lashes with Fast Lash. I used Bare Escentuals Big Tease Mascara in Blackest Black, no eyeliner and my Pixi By Petra Sensual Smoky Eye gift palette.
Here for comparison's sake, is my eye without any make up. As you can see, my lashes are a sorry sight, you can barely see them!
Because this product doesn't provide exceptional results on its own and relies on mascara and plenty of time and practice, it really falls under Want and not Must. It is however, a great alternative for people who want lengthy lashes but find falsies too extreme or difficult to use.
Cost: $15 at Ulta and on

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