NYX $1 Haul- Swatches

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today is a snow day, and with 26 inches of the fluffy stuff piled on the drive way, there's absolutely no way that I'm going to be able to go anywhere. I guess I'll finally catch up with my swatching! I don't know why I've been putting it off, I had a fun new camera to play with (not really new- my fiance lost the expensive memory chip to his expensive camera and I finally found it again) the I ordered a ton of stuff off of the NYX website when they had a $1 sale going on about 3 weeks ago and I happily received my package sometime last week. I made a quick haul video on YouTube to quickly run over what I got (you can watch this here). Here's some of the items I got: 

In addition to these- I also bought 5 boxes of false lashes and a few eye liners, but unfortunately it got too dark outside to take any more pictures.
Notice how all the shadows I bought were nice neutrals and I got very few wild looking colors overall? I made myself go easy and only buy items I thought I would actually use. *pats self on back* Now, Oro Brush on Lipgloss and Honey Jumbo Lip Pencil are a whole 'nother story. The swatches online were totally inaccurate and I ended up getting a tacky orange/bronze opaque lipgloss and a poop brown jumbo lip pencil. But hey, I think I made out ok- after all everything was $1 and I liked 28/30 items. Pretty good odds. 

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