Review: Sigma Indian Girl Eyeshadow

Sunday, September 26, 2010
I saw this shadow on AllCosmeticsWholesale a long time ago, always curious about it but never bit the bullet and ordered it. Much to my dismay, it went out of stock and I -think- Sigma, the company that makes it, stopped making cosmetics and stuck to brushes.
Well of course, once it was discontinued and hard to find, it became my obsession to track down this dark sparkly taupe. Unexpectedly, a kind MUAer went out of her way to procure one and gift it to me. Ahh, the kindness of strangers!
Swatched outdoors, dying sunlight. No flash.
So here I have it, Indian Girl. The pigmentation is excellent, and the quality is really nice. It's not super finely milled, but definitely not chunky either. It's not super frosty, more of a darker, very sparkly taupe with a silver sheen. It's darker than say, Cargo Yukon but less purple than Ulta Twilight.
I must say that I really like this taupe, though it has very little purple tones, it's quite flattering. I've worn it for a few days now and it definitely lasts, though the shimmer may be a little more subdued by the end of an 16 hour day.

So the bad news is that this shadow will be hard to get a hold of... but the good news is that I'm impressed with the quality of Sigma shadows and will try to get my hands on more! Oh wait, is that really good news? I hear my wallet crying in the background.

Product was gifted to me. 

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  1. That was sweet of them to get you this shadow. It's a really pretty color! Such a shame if it's really discontinued though.. :( Thanks for sharing!


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