Lost Item Annoyance (Zoya Kelly, Where Are You?)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Kelly. Image from Zoya.com
Behold, a polish that I can't show you. Wait, why would I even bring it up if I'm not going to show you glorious pictures and assess the formula? Well somehow, I managed to LOSE it in my house. I bought Zoya Kelly last Monday after class- I was so excited! I snagged the last one at the only Zoya Wicked and Wonderful Collection display I have seen around. I brought it home, swatched it on my pinky... and promptly managed to lose it. How is this even possible? It's not like I walk around the house carrying bottles of nail polish and drop them off at various locations. I keep all my makeup and enamels at my desk/cosmetics haven.
Grr! This is frustrating, it's similar to how I manage to lost track of lip balms (though I lose those at a more alarming rate). After all, this -could- be the perfect fall/winter color, how am I going to live without it?
Now, I was so desperate to find it that over the last two days, I have completely cleaned out my desk/vanity and even organized every bottle of polish in my Melmer, bottle by bottle in the hopes that I somehow lumped Kelly with the rest. No luck.
Ah well, if I don't find it soon, I might just buy another bottle- if I can get my hands on one!

What's a product or products that you managed to lose and really miss? Was it a lipstick? Eyeliner? How did it disappear?
Also... if you were my Zoya Kelly, where would you be hiding?

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