One Year Blogging Anniversary! (And Also Hair Haul)

Friday, November 5, 2010
Today is a very important day. Ok, that's kind of a lie, November the 3rd was technically the One Year Anniversary of my blog, but I completely forgot about it. So I'll say it's on November the 5th (easier for me to remember anyways, Happy Guy Fawkes Day!)
So what have I learned in this one year? A few things. First, you'll meet the greatest people blogging. Readers and other bloggers have so much to offer and are interested in such a wide variety of things, I've never been bored in the last year. There's aways products and techniques to read, write about and comment on! Other bloggers are so supportive and it's such a great community. Readers' comments are not only insightful, but provide great feedback as well as suggestions to other things that I might like.
I've also learned to always take more pictures than I think I'll need! In the last year, I've learned that if your digital camera uses batteries, you should invest in a few sets of rechargeable ones! To put it into perspective, I've used up 31.5 gigabytes of memory on my computer, just on pictures of makeup and nails.
In short, I've become so immersed in the world of beauty, and have made such great friends with people online that I would have never encountered in person. Thank you so much, dear readers!

And here's what I bought today- from the pro beauty supply across the street from my school. They had a grab bag sale- pay $25 for the bag and stuff as much clearance items as you possibly can in it. Finally, a use for my suitcase packing skills! A lot of the stuff is professional use for school (like protective base cream, nail tips and salon hair treatments) but I did get a great deal on shampoo, hand cream, hair masks, conditioner, hair oils and other odds'n'ends! I'll be reviewing a few of these products in the upcoming weeks/months.

Once again, I want to thank you for reading my little blog,


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