OPI Designer Series Extravagance

Friday, December 17, 2010
Indoors, under lightbox, no flash
2x Extravagence, no top coat (which is why the finish looks rather flat)
Hello dear readers!
Ah, just look at this polish. There aren't even words to describe how beautiful it is. Let's just take a moment to take in the dazzling photos.

This holo makes me almost cry with joy. It's just so stunning! And to think, I almost didn't buy it- I picked the bottle up on a whim at Cosmo-Prof and almost put it back.

This magenta scattered holo doesn't just sparkle... it's like an array of jewels on your nails, each facet shining brilliantly. It only took to coats for it to look completely opaque, and the application was amazing! I really like how well OPI DS polishes apply, they just glide on and level so well.
Let's look at some more pics!
Indoors, flash. With topcoat- 1x Sally Hansen Insta Dri
Look at that amazing color!
I've been really lucky with nail polishes lately. I've had a slew of really gorgeous polishes in the last few weeks! 

On a side note, my nails look kind of thick because I just had acrylics put on. *hangs head in shame* I know, I love natural nails but with the upcoming holiday festivities, I knew it'd be really hard for me to maintain attractive looking hands so I choose artificial nail enhancements, just till January 2nd! That's when I'll soak 'em right off. I like how even they look though, and how well nail polish holds to the acrylic material. Usually my nails chip or I get tip wear within 24 hours, no matter what combination of top coat and basecoat- but I can count on acrylics to look good for a few days at least.

Anybody else do anything different for their nails for the holidays?

Product was purchased by me for my own use.

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