Wearable Nail Soakers Review

Sunday, December 26, 2010
Hello Readers!
I really hope you enjoyed the holidays. I myself just came out of a food induced coma (how lucky am I that Mr. MakeupWithdrawal's father is a wonderful cook?) and decided that enough was enough- I desperately wanted to take off my acrylic set. This gave me a chance to test out the nail soakers that I bought off of eBay.
A few sellers carry these soakers, they come in a set of 10 and are supposed to be acetone resistant so that you can use them to take off artificial nails.
I was quite excited to try these out, I thought they were a great idea! Normally I either soak them in a bowl of acetone or use the foil covering method. I figured that these soakers would cut down on the acetone fumes and would allow me a bit more flexibility as I waited for the acrylic to gummy off.

Uh, not so much.
The first problem I encountered when using these soakers was the issue of actually filing them with acetone. Pouring into the rubbery tops was rather difficult and I had to use a glass pipette to drop in the acetone. I popped them on without much problems, but then I noticed that they all leaked! Even with my hands stationary, I had acetone seeping out of the cracks between the rubber top and the plastic chamber.
This made soaking off my nails take much longer than just soaking them in a bowl- every few minutes I had to refill the soakers with more acetone. The instructions say that you can scrape your nails with the inner scraper to get the acrylic off... uh, well there's no inner scraper. There's an outer ones though, but using them while still on the finger causes spillage all over the desk, and down your sleeves.
So as far as soaking off acrylics, I'd say that these are absolutely terrible. However, after I gave up and soaked off my nails the old fashioned way, I decided to give these soakers another chance. This time, I filled them with a thicker lotion which I warmed up in the microwave, and treated my cuticles to a nice long session of badly needed moisture therapy! That actually worked out great- due to the thicker consistency of  the lotion, it didn't leak out everywhere. Though I suppose that I did end up wasting a lot of product by filling up the chambers, but the warm lotion really penetrated my acetone dehydrated skin.
In short, you really don't need these soakers. Cheap as they are (I bought them for around $6, if I remember correctly), they leak like mad and I would only ever recommend them if you intend to use a thicker lotion with them.

Product was purchased by me, for my own use.

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