L.A. Girl Rock Star Addict

Friday, September 30, 2011
Hello readers
Another late night polish post today. One polish that is really gorgeous but I seldom wear it long enough to appreciate its beauty. L.A. Girl 'Addict' from the Rock Star collection. A beautiful rich jelly with golden flakes. Hah! I bet you thought you saw red flakes, didn't you? Just like NYX Jungle that I showed you yesterday, (here) it's a trick. Just gold flakes hiding behind red jelly.

It reminds me fall/winter. And the holiday season. Of cinnamon and apple cider. And of red wrapping paper and gold tinsel. 

A picture taken in the shade. You can really see the flakes in this shot.

Ah, autumn. How I love you. Though I usually don't indulge in the whole seasonal nail polish thing, this polish did feel appropriate. 

Have a great weekend!

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