CND Effects- Shimmer Edition

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Good evening!

Tonight, I wanted to show you some of my CND Effects, namely the Shimmer Effects that I have. It's funny, I've had these for the longest time but I never give them the attention they deserve.
If you don't know much about CND Effects, they're sparkle, pearl and shimmer polishes meant to be transforming topcoats. Awesome in a bottle, basically.
I swatched four of these polishes over various colors to show you. Here is Emerald Shimmer (#554), Scarlet Shimmer (#557), Copper Shimmer (#556) and Gold Shimmer (#553), which is the order they are from left to right on every picture.

Over black (Wet'n'Wild Black Creme):

This makes the shimmery colors pop out the most.

Over a light pink (Wet'n'Wild My Private Cabana)

It's really hard to see, but the shimmers give lighter colors a delicate pearlescent feel. It's soft, very subtle but I think it does transform work-safe into something with a little bit more personality. Copper Shimmer, in particular makes this pink glow.

Over a jade green (Orly Lucky Duck):

You won't believe how Emerald Shimmer absolutely POPS over this green. It enhances the base color so well!

Over a dusky mauve-taupe (Essence Walk of Fame):

I think these shimmer look rather unusual on top of this faded shade. Not unusual in a bad way, per se, but unusual in a "hmm, I've really never seen this combination before" way.

I saved the best for last.
Over an indigo blue (Orly La Playa)

LOOK AT THAT. Is your mouth open? Are you making weird sounds with your breathing? If not a single one of these shimmers appeals to you layered on top of this dark blue, you might be dead inside. And I would get that checked out, if I were you.

I want to get Ice Blue Shimmer too, and I'll be satisfied. Have you seen the mood ring manicure CND created using Shimmer Effects? Check it out Steph from Imperfectly Painted's take HERE and AllLacqueredUp's take HERE.

CND Effects are usually price around $8+ but can be hard to find. Your best bet might be eBay to acquire these amazing transforming topcoats!

Have a great night!

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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