Love & Beauty Rust

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Good afternoon!
I have another Love & Beauty polish from Forever 21 to show you today, called 'Rust'. What an ugly name for something so beautiful. Rust is a clear base with fine and round copper glitter. The glitter is so pretty, exactly the shade of a freshly minted penny.
I'm nearly 100% sure that this is a spot on dupe for one of the new seasonal Sephora by OPI colors called Don't Be Eggnogious. I don't have the latter to do a side by side dupe, but if you check out the swatch on Sephora- you can tell that it's in the same vein- copper small and round glitter.
I love how this shade looks over black.

$2.80 dupe? Yeah, I can live with that.

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