A Whole Bunch of Questions, A Whole Bunch of Answers

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I was tagged twice recently by Kimberly of Libby's Pink Vanity and Jessika from Polish Insomniac for one of those get-to-know-you questionnaires. I personally feel awkward tagging other people (because I lurk a lot and I don't want to leave a comment out of seemingly no-where) so I'll just answer the questions and call it a day. Oh. Also, here's an EOTD!

What was your last nail polish purchase?
I bought two OPI NYC Ballet shades just last week! I can't wait to show them to you because they are fantastic jellies.

Do you have a gotta-see TV show? If not, what was the last one you had?
I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones, Bones, True Blood, House, Grimm, Community... wow. I watch a lot of TV.

Do you kiss on the first date?
Assuming that I'll like the individual enough for a second date, sure! I like to make my intentions very clear. None of this "Does she like me?" business. I've found that people don't understand subtlety. 

What can't you resist?
Luxury vehicles, bearded white men, green eyes, tv shows about gypsy communities or strange addictions.

Do you carry any photos of yourself? And it can be with someone else.
I have a few pictures on my phone of my boyfriend and I, and also of my dog and I. The majority of the pictures though, are just of my dog being obnoxiously cute.

What is your favorite season?
I love spring and fall, equally. Basically, I dislike either extreme- being really hot or cold makes me irritable.

Who do you call the most?
"Kuma! Come here, you big smelly beast!" To answer the question seriously, I talk the most with my boyfriend on the phone, about an hour and a half a day. Long distances are the worst!

Books, magazines or Internet for reading pleasure?
Internet. Even when I read books, it's usually on my computer these days.

Have you ever seen a falling star? Did you make a wish, for real?
I have. I'm so glad it didn't come true, because I was sixteen and looking back, quite stupid.
What color are your dishes?
White, with some weird watercolor-y flowers on the border. I suddenly realize that I may be tacky.

Name your 5 favorite eye shadow colors.
Taupe, olive, plum, matte greige, silver. You can't go wrong with those, you really can't. 

And of course, Jessika's 11 questions. 

What's your favorite green polish?
Zoya Veruschuka! It's so beautiful, both matte and glossy. 

What brand of cosmetics would you buy more of, if money was no object?
Probably NARS. Most of my shadows that I use the most are from NARS, and there's so many more duos that I'd love to have. 

In the age of blogs, do you still subscribed to magazines, and if so which ones?
No, not at all! For some reason, I keep getting free Vogue or something. I never ever read them. It drives me nuts how the beauty products in magazines are clearly product placements, not products of merit. 

Cat person? Dog person? Other?
Both. I love big hairy dogs and I love cuddling with friendly warm cats. 

Do you follow any professional sports? What teams?
Nope! Even thinking about sports makes me tired. 

Does your significant other support your beauty habit?
He listens to me go on and on about it at length, which I appreciate but he also makes me think reasonably about my purchases which I am so grateful for. He also adds insightful comments about fragrance, which is helpful when determining how I smell to other people. 

Twitter or Facebook?
I use Facebook for people I actually know in real life. I use Twitter for the awesome people I've met in the blogosphere. 

Mac or PC?

Where's your favorite place to shop?
Online! Other than clothes and food, I pretty much buy everything online. Amazon Prime and eBay are the greatest worst things to ever happen to me. 

What lipstick brand would you choose over all others?
Oh gosh, this is really hard because I don't wear lipstick all that often. I'd pick Dior because I own one Dior Addict High Shine that has a great texture and doesn't smell like anything which is really important to me. 

You can't live without _______?
Honey. I love honey so much! Honey in my tea, honey and peanut butter sandwiches... I even like adding honey to hummus. 

There you go. A whole bunch of babble about me!

Oh right, for that EOTD. 
I used:
Brows: NARS Bali shadow
Eyes: LORAC Behind The Scenes Primer, Coastal Scents Hot Pot ME-02 Aluminum Taupe, MAC Copperplate, LORAC Beige, Prestige Total Intensity Deepest Black liner, Revlon PhotoReady mascara, MAC Chromagraphic in NC/NW20/25 

Have a great night!


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