Nubar Wildfire

Friday, August 24, 2012

Looking back through my files, I found a bunch of polishes I bought a long time ago but forgot to share. Whoops! I have a pretty big backlog, so I'm going to try to work through some of them while I'm on vacation. This is Nubar Wildfire, aka possibly one of the most unique polishes I have ever seen. 

Nubar is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands with polishes that are really unusual. Wildlife has a spring green base, with firey orange- copper shimmer. The overall effect is a stunning and completely unique duochrome. 

This is one of the few polishes that I when I wear, I wear for a few days at a time so that I can gaze at the marvelous color combination. It's definitely a polish worth having! I bought mine on eBay with rewards dollars, but I remember it being around $7 originally. I don't really see many listings for it on eBay or Amazon any more, so if you ever see it- I recommend snatching it up!

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