Maybelline Downtown Brown

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last month, my beau (hah, that word makes me giggle) was in town and I was trying to enjoy the last few days of my summer before school began. He was a little perplexed as to why I kept on stopping at the drugstores in town.

Morgan: What are you looking for?
Me: Nothing, nothing. *under my breath* Drat. It's not here.

(next drugstore). Repeat above scene four times.

Finally, I found it! At a Walgreens. That fall limited edition Maybelline display. Complete with some cool duochrome polishes (already have my China Glaze New Bohemians, so *yaaaawn*) AND THIS.

Maybelline Downtown Brown.

Me: Whoa Nelly! Look at that shimmer. Duochrome. Multichrome even. Do you think it translates onto the nail from the bottle?
Morgan: Are you going to buy that?
Me: Well. I shouldn't. I mean, I was all hung up about Cover Girl Chocolate Mint, and then I frankened that and felt a sense of satisfaction.
Morgan: Why are we here?
Me: I just wanted to look at it, ok?
Morgan: So you're not going to buy it?
Me: I don't know. I mean, it seems pointless to buy something similar to something that I already made. But look at that shimmer. WHAT IF IT DOES LOOK THAT STUNNING ON THE NAIL?
Morgan: I'm going to get a Diet Coke. *walks away*.

Morgan comes back. I'm still holding the bottle.

Me: Arggh. It could be everything I've ever dreamed of.
Morgan: So.. you are... going to buy it?
Me: Unnngrrrgggh. (Defeated sound, similar to the air being let out of a balloon slowly).

Morgan rolls his eyes, grabs the bottle of polish and pays for it with his Diet Coke.

I like to think that my boyfriend is all soft on the inside and that he bought it for me out of love, respect for my hobby. The reality is that he bought it because he didn't want to stand in a Walgreens for another half an hour.

To sum it up: three coats. Crazy multichrome shimmer doesn't translate to the nail. Still cool. Keeping it forever. I regret nothing. Thanks, my love!

Product featured was given to me as a gift. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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