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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hi folks!
Whew, finals are finally behind me! For over the past week I've been doing this sleep for four hours/cram for 10 hours/eat for one hour/panic for 1 hour rotation. Now, it's finally behind me and I can spend more time blogging!

Tonight, I have a REALLY awesome line of indie polishes to introduce to you. Laquerlicious by Michelle has some really gorgeous creations. They are highly complex glitter polishes- we're not talking two colors of glitters slapped together with cream base, we're talking about beautiful creations of glitter. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of them!

Ember Glow. A red jelly jam packed with red and holo glitter in all shapes and sizes. It twinkles like a bottle of ruby chips. Worn here, two coats over one coat of Essie Lollipop.

Christmas Snowfall. A white based polish with various hues of blue glitter. Also featured a tiny bit of microscopic bar glitter, but they don't stand out. It reminds me of Icebreaker mints! Two coats here, over one coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I think if you applied just one coat, the blue would pop more.

Tart Taffy. This one is just utterly delightful. A clear base with various square and ROUND! (not hex, truly round!) glitter in various metallic hues. Also has various shapes and sizes of matte white glitter. As far as rainbow glitter mixes go, this one is just... just so pretty. One coat over Wet'n'Wild Black Creme.

Salt Water. Another clear base, with a plethora of different kinds of teal glitter and white glitter. I wanted to wear this densely, so I applied two coats over one coat of OCC Tattoo.

Night Watch. A black jelly with color shifting glitter and holo squares and bars, as well as sparkle. The color shifting glitter goes from blue to green! I wore one coat here over Wet'n'Wild Black Creme.

Grape Soda. A clear base with various purple, pink, fuchsia and silver glitter. If you're a purple lover... well, I can't see how you won't fall in love with this! I wore one coat over L.A. Girls Hustle.

Fancy Concrete. A grey jelly base with pink, white, silver, fuchsia and black glitter. A really complex glitter sandwich in a bottle. Worn here, three coats by itself.

I like that these polishes are complex. Michelle uses a wonderful array of glitter, yet each polish feels cohesive. I also like that all the polishes I tried were not topcoat hungry, with a generous layer of topcoat they were gorgeously glossy. They are also quite dense with glitter and stay suspended (sinking sparse glitter just really happens to be a pet peeve of mine). I didn't fish any glitter out of any of them, though I did apply each coat slowly and carefully. I do have to mention that Ember Glow is a bit stronger smelling than the others.

These polishes are $8.50 for full sized bottles but you can also buy them in minis like I have. The best part is that some of the holiday polishes are on sale right now for $6.50, including Christmas Snowfall! Best news you've heard all day or what?

So head on over, check out the Laquerlicious Etsy page!

Which one of these catches your eye?

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