Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush Review

Monday, December 10, 2012

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For the longest time, I've read rave reviews for the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, including one such review from my pal Sunny over at Mostly Sunny. Curiosity got the best of me. I really wanted to try this so called 'Perfect' brush. Doesn't that sound like a challenge? 'Perfect'? As in the one brush you'll ever need. ONE BRUSH TO RULE THEM ALL! (PS. Can't wait to see the Hobbit, my head is stuck in Middle Earth, you might have noticed) During the last Sephora F&F sale, I bit the bullet and bought one.

First off... It's really, really TINY. The brush head is about the size of a quarter and the whole brush could be hidden between my hands. I'm ok with that because I read about how small it was, but I thought I should warn you.

The brush head is incredibly dense, packed with synthetic soft fibers. It has a metal ferrule and a handle that despite being plastic, does not feel light and cheap. It is cut at a slight slant which does not prove to be anything earth shattering but I will say that it's a touch, creating a relaxing angle at which to place the brush on your face (as opposed to flat top brushes, where you would be placing the brush perpendicular to your skin). There's also a folded pamphlet folded up with instructions about how to use your new brush in super fine print but I didn't bother to read through it (and most people won't, I'm guessing).

So is this brush 'perfect' as it so claims? Did it give me the best, most perfect foundation application ever? Mmmm, yes. But with one caveat. I used the brush to stipple liquid foundation precisely where I needed it, heavier on my blemish scars and lighter/buffing on areas that didn't need as much coverage. It took fabulous, absolutely natural but with great coverage. It also took 20 minutes to perfectly touch up my face. Honestly, on a morning where I'm already running late or want to sleep in- I'd rather reach for my e.l.f. flat top Powder Brush or my Soho Blender Sponge. Same goes if I want to lightly apply foundation to my neck or under my jaw. The e.l.f. and Soho tools just cover more area, faster. I won't lie, I'd rather sleep in an extra 15 minutes and look so-so rather than flawless. That gives me more time to eat my hobbit breakfasts at Denny's. If however, I'm going on a date or a night out where I care to dress up a bit more, heck yes I'll reach for the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush instead. It guarantees me great looking skin.

This brush is quite easy to clean, from what I read on MakeupAlley reviews that foundation can really work itself deep into the head of the brush but that was not my experience since I use it mainly to stipple. I cleaned it with a couple drops of Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap and lukewarm water.

Will this replace my e.l.f. flat top Powder Brush or blending sponge? No. Will they coexist nicely, each one serving their own purpose? Yes, I think so. If you tend to reach for foundations with more coverage because you may have more troubled areas to conceal, you'll like how this brush can build up great coverage. However, if your skin is pretty great already and you tend to just quickly buff in a little foundation- whether it be powder, cream or liquid- I think you might prefer the cheaper and larger e.l.f. flat top or Sonia Kashuk flat top brushes.

The Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush is $30 and can be found at Sephora online and Nordstrom online.

Have you tried this foundation brush? Do you have a current favorite one that you rave about?

Product feature was purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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