A Simple Crowded Dotticure

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Hi there!

At 3 am this morning, after being woken up by a very pesky kitten who has not yet learned that humans are not nocturnal (that fluff ball is lucky he is adorable), I laid awake in bed and planned my next manicure. This may be a weird question but does anyone else take pictures of nail inspiration on their phone? I always find myself taking snap shots of beautiful patterns, color arrangements for future nails... yet few of them actually come to fruition. This set did.

 This was a pattern on some lady's shirt, I believe. I can't remember.

I used: Funky Fingers Voodoo, Revon Royal, Sally Hansen Fairy Teal, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Ulta Lav-ish, China Glaze Flyin' High and China Glaze Papaya Punch. I'm making an effort to use many shades of polish for each manicure now, especially colors like Voodoo that look pretty much like a black creme. I'm mostly doing this because Morgan insisted that it was ridiculous to have as many polishes as I do and I'm hoping that when he sees all the bottles piled up on my desk, my stash will be justified. Fat chance, really!

Have a great day, thanks for checking out this manicure!

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