American Apparel Lip Gloss - Legalize LA

Monday, February 25, 2013
Hi folks!

Today I have a lip gloss from American Apparel to show you. I believe that American Apparel only started selling these last year, but I had not heard much about them on the beauty blogosphere so I was quite thrilled to try one out. I picked the shade "Legalize LA" because I am a red lips fiend and will make no apologies for being one.

 Legalize LA is a cherry red with very fine shimmer. It comes packaged in a very simple (and I mean that in the best way. I really love understated and nondescript packaging) and sturdy hefty plastic tube with a doefooted applicator.

This shade may look intimidating in the tube but I swear to you that it is more mild than it seems. It's a gateway red gloss, the kind that makes you wonder why you were ever scared of red lips in the first place. You can wear it by itself, sheer for a beautiful soft red. You can wear it on top of red lipstick for an intensified red pout.
Here, I'm wearing Legalize LA by itself. This is the sort of shade that looks absolutely beautiful on any skin tone, for almost any occasion. The formula is quite nice; not too thick yet not too much slip, not sticky but does not migrate nor stain and most importantly for me, unscented.

American Apparel Lip Glosses are $12 each and can be found in store and on the American Apparel website. The color swatch of Legalize LA was dead on, so that gives me quite a bit of confidence in the other shades.

Check out the other shades! I have my eye on African Violet and Pasadena, they're very unusually bright shades that I don't often see with gloss.

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