Eye Look #1: Monochromatic Gradient

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Good evening!
So I know I post a lot of EOTDs but unfortunately I'm seldom able to make tutorials or placement diagrams just because of the sheer amount of work involved. Since I actually usually apply my eye makeup in a rather formulaic approach, I thought I'd start a series of some sort where I explain each one thoroughly and can just refer to these posts in the future. Today I wanted to start with perhaps the most basic of all eye looks that involve more than one eye shadow: the monochromatic gradient. That's a rather complex name for what in short is a single color applied so that it is darkest near the lash line and lightest near the brow. 

This look requires a minimum of two shades or tints of the same hue. Essentially I apply a near white brow bone color first, and work my way down closer to the lash line, blending and patting each darker color. A pale pastel for the outer crease region, a darker shade in the crease line and finally the darkest color color on the mobile lid closest to the lash line. Optionally, you can place a highlight color in the inner corner. 

What I like about this look is that not only is it really easy to master, but it is also pretty much universally flattering (brow shape, eye shape and size as well as socket depth will change the placement a bit). It's really a fast and easy way to wear shadow if you're like me and perhaps your eyes are shaped slightly differently. I especially love it on folks without a crease or with very little visible mobile eyelid. 

I used shades of purple to achieve this example. 
MUFE #91, Wet'n'Wild Zero Dark Flirty, Rock & Republic Ciggy, Stila Dahlia. 

Naturally, you can mix up the finishes (here I've used satins/mattes) but I also like a shimmery shade near the lashline. I usually prefer a matte brow bone though, just a personal preference. 

I have about six more of these placement posts worked out, so hopefully I'll have one a week or something along those lines. They aren't all simple like this, they should increase in complexity as the series continues. 

Good night!

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