Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder in Dune Bronze

Sunday, May 4, 2014

So as it turns out, I've been sitting on this review for about a year. I purchased Laura Mercier Bronzed Pressed Powder in Dune Bronze last April. I'm not sure why I did, not even to this day. I'm not a big bronzer person, I just prefer my untanned color to bronzed skin (this explains how I must be the only person in the state of California to have a vitamin D deficiency). I think I bought in the off chance I did tan a bit over the summer and rather than buy darker foundation, it would be easier to sweep on a bit of bronze color.

 Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder comes in four shades. I picked out Dune Bronze because it was about two shades darker than my skin tone with a more yellow undertone. It is completely matte in finish (which is idea for me, I get oily enough in my t-zone, I don't need sparkle on top of that).

Left: heavy swatch. Right: blended in.

The pigmentation is decent, which means I have to blend quite a bit to make sure it doesn't look splotchy (and sometimes, admittedly, I still probably look a bit muddy). The powder is very fine, very silky but can kick up quite a bit of product when a brush swirls across the surface. I had to use a very soft brush and a very light hand to keep from over applying.

 This picture was taken differently from my normal setting (indirect daylight) so I feel like my skin may look a bit odd, a bit too pink. Still, I think it shows how this particular bronzer looks somehow off on my face. I feel like it is a bit too terracotta, not quite right. Or maybe it's just my personal dislike of bronzer. Merp.

I'll keep using Dune Bronze until it's all gone but I think perhaps I need to find something a bit more natural, not quite so orange.

Laura Mercier Bronzed Pressed Power is $32 and can be purchased from Nordstrom.

Do you have a favorite bronzer? Do you go shimmery or prefer matte?

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