Multichrome Holos from Glam Polish You're Never Too Old to be Young Collection

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Good afternoon!

Today I have a few of the limited edition collection by Glam Polish called You're Never Too Old to be Young. The three shades I have are all chameleon-like multichrome holographic polishes, each one is dazzling to behold in both sun and shade. The three shades are (left to right) Fixer Upper, Hakuna Matata and Sleeping Beauty.

Fixer Upper (inspired by the song from Frozen, 2013). Two coats. This shade is a beautiful shade that shifts from cerulean to navy with just the hint of indigo in the shade. The holo effect is scattered but very vibrant.

Hakuna Matata (inspired by the song from the Lion King, 1994). Two coats. This is what multichrome dreams are made of! This luscious emerald green also flashes a deep aubergine. It looks amazing in the sun, just a really saturated color.

Side note: I remember seeing the Lion King in theaters during preschool and how the hyenas terrified me. I totally pretended I had to pee so that my teacher would take me out of the theater. Don't judge.

Sleeping Beauty (inspired by the song from Sleeping Beauty, 1959). Two coats. This shade is a peacock blue to purple transition. Can you believe that the above three shots are of the same polish?! Of the three shades, I think this one was slightly more holo that the other two.

The formulas on these polishes were excellent, a very smooth application. Each shade required only two coats as the color is really opaque. Sometimes when a polishes combines two aspects like holo and multichrome, one effect loses out (like a strong multichrome with really weak holo) but this is not the case! Each color changing effect is very saturated and prominent and the holographic effect is nothing to sneeze at.

I liked all three but Hakuna Matata was my favorite and I did a little bit of nail art on top:

I used a thin brush to frame my pinky and pointer finger with black polish, then did a dry Saran-wrap marble on the rest of the fingers. I love how that turned out- it looks like black ink droplets in water or black smoke.

These shades are available now for pre-order but will be officially released on August 20th. Click here to go to the Glam Polish store. Each shade is $11.95 and limited edition.

Just the names of these polishes made me nostalgic for all the Disney movies I watched over and over again in my childhood! Which of these shades is your favorite? What movies did you watch repeatedly as a kid?

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