Book Review: Homemade Nail Polish by Allison Rose Spiekermann

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Monday!

I have something a little different for you guys today. Allison of the indie brand Nail Pattern Boldness has written a book entirely about polish and I finally got my mitts on a copy. A book entirely about polish and sparkly things? Now there's a page turner. Homemade Nail Polish: Create Unique Colors and Designs for Stunning Nails is just under a hundred pages chock full of polish related information and ideas.

 I love that there's quite a bit of text dedicated to safety. I'm one of those people who is all SAFETY FIRST, because my father patents particulate filters and face masks for a living. If you're ever in my house, you should check out my impressive collection of safety goggles and face masks (and I don't even make polish). Anyways, for anyone even thinking of mixing their own polishes, this is very important!

There's pages solely about glitter. Glitter! Sizes, shapes, what have you.

There's also pages and pages of recipes.

 Not to mention, guides on decorating your nails with all sorts of items that you wouldn't normally consider to be nail art supplies.

 This book is written with anyone who likes to "franken" in mind, not so much anyone who is seeking to make nail polish from scratch. Many of the ingredients featured are pretty easily accessible, using store bought polishes to tweak and customize your own polish. It's definitely the best guide to frankening available and if you've ever wanted that one perfect shade that seems to elusively out of your reach, I highly suggest that you give making your polish a try.


Husband: How come you weren't this excited when I dedicated my entire Master's project to you? That's published. It's in a library somewhere, bound.

Me: Did this publication contain pictures of glitter? No? Ok. That's why.

For any nail enthusiast, this would make a wonderful holiday gift! Purchase your copy here, through Amazon.

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