Review: Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Cream & Control Emulsion

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good evening! Missha US still has a 40% sale through 11/30 so I thought I would try to get my review of a couple of Missha Super Aqua products out in case you wanted to take advantage of the lowered prices (as though you need yet another sale to look at 😉). I had picked up the Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Cream and Ultra Water-Full Control Emulsion the last time Missha had such a massive sale and have used both products for months. 

The packaging of the Super Aqua line is quite pretty, as if Laneige's Water Bank packaging were crossed with Estee Lauder's Enlighten line. It's hefty and very solid - the cream is a heavy plastic and the sturdy emulsion bottle is made of glass.

The cream arrives sealed with a little plastic spatula which I lost promptly upon arrival. This is exactly why I should not buy the iPhone 7 with the whole Air Pods set up. Can't have small, nice things. Or small spatulas.

The Ultra Water-Full Cream is nice and thick, sinks into my skin quite easily.  It's not as heavy/occlusive as Vichy Nutriologie 2 nor is it as moisturizing as Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream (review here). All around quite nice, non-irritating to my skin, yet not exceptional by any means. It does not leave any sort of sheen, definitely sinks into my face completely. However I would say its most redeeming quality is that it makes my face smell like a Disney Princess. Aurora, I want to say. Sort of a lotus, lily type of floral fragrance.

The Ultra Water-Full Control Emulsion is a watery lotion that spreads easily over the face. The bottle is very large by skincare standards - 130ml - so while I've been using this for almost six months, I'm barely 1/3 into the bottle. I've even taken to slathering it onto my hands and décolletage before bed. I depend on it a lot as the source of moisture in my skincare routine, usually like to layer it immediately following hyaluronic acid products or serums. The emulsion has fragrance, but it is fairly mild (I would just describe it as... lotion-y. I know. I have such a way with words). It's not sticky and leaves the skin highly hydrated.

Emulsion top, cream bottom.

I threw away the boxes before I took pictures of them (bad blogger! bad!) but here's the link to the COSDNA ingredient profiles for the cream and for the emulsion. I'm fond of the niacinamide in both products, I would attribute that ingredient as being key in evening out my skintone the last few months and just overall improvements in texture.

Missha has quite a few products in the Super Aqua line including an Oil Clear Gel Cream, Ultra Nutritious Cream, Deep Hydro Cream, Clear Cream... I won't blame you if you get them mixed them like I do, because they look quite similar. These two products from the line happen to work pretty well for me. If you're oily but not dehydrated, you might find that the Control Emulsion is all you need to keep your skin supple. Those more prone to moisture loss might appreciate adding on the Ultra Water-Full Cream on top, as I frequently do as the last step in my skincare routine to lock all the water in my skin down.

The sale price of the emulsion is $14 and the cream is $17. Orders $40 and up get free shipping, which is how I ended grabbing some masks during my last order.

What's your current lotion and cream?

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