Viseart Warm Matte Palette

Monday, January 16, 2017

A buddy of mine sent me a screenshot of the new Viseart Warm Matte (10) palette at the beginning of my vacation and it took me about five very tense seconds to decide that I was going to order this palette. I loved it on first sight.

So as soon as I came home and saw that it was available from Muse Beauty Pro (Sephora online also has this palette), I ordered it. I was super happy that it arrived very quickly (they seem to be located in the Bay area, so I'm just a skip and a hop away). At $80, this palette is above the $50 free shipping threshold. 

I love it. It's everything I felt my first Neutral Matte palette missed out out on. 

You're so vain, I bet you think this palette is about you, don't you. 

Yeah, kinda. Call me self absorbed, but it feels like Viseart read my thoughts about the first palette and then in response made the perfect companion. This palette feels like an addendum to the Neutral Matte palette that somehow makes me whole. It fills in the gaps of the Neutral Matte palette perfectly. 

Here's swatches (indoor, indirect sunlight) done over bare skin. BARE. (The top row on my arm is the first 4 of the palette, followed by the left 2 of the second row. The bottom set of swatches on my arm is the remaining 2 of the 4 on the second row as well as the bottom 4 of the palette. I didn't want to add distracting little numbers on the pictures this time)

Over primer. I'm losing it over here, just so excited about that goldenrod color, the soft camel, the burnt sienna.  The SCARLET

One thing I did want to show was that after less than a year, the case on my Neutral Matte palette looks pretty beat up. I haven't really traveled with it or anything, just stacked other palettes on it occasionally. But I have used it a ton, nearly every day since I've purchased it. I like to think fondly of these scratches,  the  same way I think of the micro fine wear patterns on my stainless steel cookware - these marks that only occur when you really enjoy using that item. Careful handling would be required to keep them absolutely pristine(not going to happen at Chez Mimi. Nope).

Here's two looks that I've used the Warm Matte Palette. The first with green/brown duochrome (I used Catrice C'mon Chameleon). I used a lot of the light yellow/camel shades in the top row and the dark brown in the bottom row.

The second look was a fiery transition to make this purple pop. Here I've used the second, orange-y row to make Colourpop Lace look more lively.

I just really, really enjoy using my Viseart matte shades. These colors are a true pleasure to blend with.

I hope this means there's a Cool Matte palette on the horizon. There is a Cool Matte Palette! What! How did this escape my notice?! In the meantime, I've had my ever wandering eye on the Dark Matte palette, which also looks exceptional.

Viseart Warm Matte Palette is $80 and available now from Muse Beauty Pro and Sephora online.

What's your favorite warm palette right now? I think this beats my previous favorite, which was a title long held by Kat Von D Monarch.

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