The Balm Appétit Eyeshadow Palette

Sunday, April 2, 2017
I recently popped into Nordstrom Rack (love that they have tons of  size 5/5.5 shoes!) and while I was checking out, this palette caught my eye. In particular, one shade from The Balm Appétit really stood out to me - the orange shade beneath the heart cutout (how remarkably apropos). Normally $39.95, it was priced at $14.95.  I would have happily forked over that amount for that reddish metallic orange by itself. 

So The Balm Appétit Palette came home with me.

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 I liked that this palette was just eyeshadows. A few palettes by The Balm have gorgeous colors (like The Balm Voyage and The Balm Jovi Rockstar palettes) but also contain cream products, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Even though there's a separate flap to cover the cream pans, I'm not a fan of palettes that mix the two.

This palette contains a nice mix of finishes. Three mattes in the top row, two glittery shades in the middle, plus an ultra metallic, and three that are in-between finishes in the bottom. 

Also punny names, man, I live for puns.

L to R: Bruce Schetta is a peachy cream matte. Mac Encheese is a matte mauve. Ray Sinbread is a light latte brown. Tat R. Tots is a metallic-glittery soft tawny brown. Rocky Road- Icecream is a purple metallic taupe. Chris P. Bacon is a vibrant metallic red orange. Hal Apeño-Poppers is a light shimmery color with barely the tinge of sage green. Artie Chokedip is a cool slate grey satin. Alfred O'Pasta is a shimmery dark charcoal.

The quality of these shadows are fabulous. While the mattes in this palette are slightly less pigmented than the ones in Meet Matt(e) Nude, they are smoother and more finely milled.  The metallic-like glittering shades are really phenomenal; rich color payoff but with small glitter particles.

Here I've used the cool bottom row of the palette to temper the warm intensity of Chris P. Bacon.

Here I've used Bruce, Tate and Mac for a quick sparkly eye. Also wearing Ardell LashLites 331, which as you can see definitely needs some liner to hide the base knots.

Overall, really pleased with this palette. Absolute steal for $15, would highly recommend it at that price.

Speaking of price - does anyone else have a hard time paying full price for a brand they see on sale fairly often? The Balm has 50% off sales on their website maybe twice a year, and I frequently see their products on Hautelook. This makes me reluctant to buy a palette full priced say, from Kohl's or Forever 21. I can wait a few months for a steep discount!

Product featured was purchased by me. Ardell LashLites Lashes were PR samples. Post contains affiliate links. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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