Travel The World: Vienna, New Year's Eve

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 went by at warp speeds. I feel like I was dealt a pretty good hand this last year, the best I've felt in a long time both physically and mentally.  My 2017 started on a pretty high note, as my spouse and I made our way from Germany to Austria to ring in the new year. I really don't know what got into the two of us, what made me propose Vienna for NYE and for my husband to agree, but it turned out to be sensational. Today's post is just a collection of images from that trip.

Neptune fountain at Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace at night.

What drew us to Vienna was Silvesterpfad. Vienna puts up one heck of a NYE celebration, a brightly lit path around old town. We, along with 600,000 other visitors joined the city, mingling between musicians on stages and vendors selling festive wear. 

 The Christmas season night markets were winding down, but many vendors sold goods up until the new year.

Vendors during the day.

Street treats: Hungarian lángos (the folded nature of this one is venturing very close to calzone territory) and gebackene mäuse - "fried mice" - little donuts with powdered sugar and a drizzle of jam (called mice because of the little trails of dough from frying that look like tails, how colorful). 

I had a lot of hot wine and spiced punsches, all in the name of feeling warm. I found that I loved spiced plum wine, husband was preferred pretty much any other fruit or flavor. Guess who has been making batches of it at home this holiday season? It helps with the blogging, I swear.

 From the Imperial Silver Collection at Hofburg Palace.

We stayed in both Airbnbs and hotels in Austria and found accommodations to be pretty reasonable in price considering it was the holiday season and how close we were to festivities.  On the low end you can stay comfortably for as little as inexpensive chains like Meininger ($40 a night), middle options include Ibis ($70s). At just around $150 you can kick it in a luxe vacation apartment right by the Vienna State Opera.

Brunch is my jam, if you're a fan of soaring ceilings and delicious pastry concoctions, you too will be as clam at Cafe Centrale. We avoided crowds by being there rather early, I like breakfast in silence.

I would really love to go back to Austria someday, preferably sooner rather than later. I'm eager to see lakes next time, the scenic side of this country.

Wishing you a fantastic 2018! Have a great new year.

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