Review: Viseart Dark Matte Palette

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Last August Emi alerted me that Alcone Company was having an absolutely incredible sale on Viseart 12 pan palettes, pricing them at $52 (and tax free to boot) each instead of their normal $80. No hesitation, I plopped two palettes in my cart. I picked up Dark Matte and Cool Matte, and understandably Dark Matte was on backorder for quite some time. No matter, at that price I can wait patiently for a few extra weeks.

I'd been drooling over Dark Matte for months, since the start of the year, really. I was tempted to buy the Zoeva palette that looks strikingly similar, but fate intervened (by that I mean, Perfumerie Douglass was closed on the days I was in Munich, woe). Once it finally arrived, I immediately put it to good use.

Swatches over primer.

The inky teal in the bottom row is a bit different in texture from the rest of the shadows. It's a bit more rough, a bit coarse feeling against the fingertip or when picked up on a brush. This doesn't effect pigmentation (actually it's a tad MORE pigmented than its neighbors).

This look is one I've shown on IG. Here I've used just the two oranges and the two blues to create a triangle of shadow tucked into the crease and corner of my eye. 

This warm combination uses the two brick shades and the tiniest touches of the browns in the top row of the palette.

In addition to a very reflective blue (Looxi Frostbite), I used all the purples, oranges and the brick red/orange in the top right corner of the palette.

Here I've used the olive and the sage green, mixed together as a crease/transition color. I love the olive in the pan, but on my skin it looks more brown than olive. It takes a touch of the sage to take it from muddy to swampy green (what a distinction, huh). It's a challenging shade to use if you lean yellow in skin undertone.  The lid color is Natasha Denona Golden Beige.

Of all the palettes I've purchased over the years (the blog is nearing a decade now, so ... lots), Viseart palettes really stand apart to me. I've had this palette for eight months now but it still feels new to me, it's a feeling that I've had with Warm Matte as well as Editorial and Cool Matte (the last two I've yet to review. We'll get there). I pretty much never put these palettes away - what's the point? I'll be grabbing it again in the AM to finish a look.

In the last two years I've settled into a predictable pattern; most eye looks feature a sparkly shadow on the mobile lid, but almost always will there be some Viseart action on the rest of the lid. As this is my third Viseart review, I'm repeating myself a bit here - these eyeshadows are consistently good, a pleasure to work with on the eyelid, and long lasting. I reach for Warm Matte, Neutral Matte, and Dark Matte palettes almost equally as often. The colors in Dark Matte incorporate easily into a wide array of looks, to deepen areas, to use liner near the lash line, or as contrasting touches (as the shades are mostly tertiary colors). 

Definitely one of my favorite buys of 2017. The spring Sephora sale is a great time to pick this up discounted. The codes are YAYROUGE, YAYVIB and YAYINSIDER, see this site for details on the dates.

Viseart Dark Matte retails for $80 at Sephora and Beautylish. Retailers like Muse Beauty Pro and Alcone Company sometimes run sales or bundle deals, so if you're looking to score Viseart for less than full price, I'd strongly suggest following their social media.

Product featured was purchased by me. Post contains affiliate links. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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