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Friday, August 17, 2018

What a long winded way to say "favorites"!

Just a collection of products that I've been using a lot lately.

This is my second bottle of 2Sol Black Tea Treatment Essence. It smells so good, it's faint but absolutely delicious, a cold brew cup of pu'erh tea. It's a little thicker than water, but way more emollient. I'd say it's too slick for oily skin types. I use it as one of my primary moisturizing layers. Too much of it can make my makeup slip right out of dewy and right into shiny, so I like to  mist Manyo Factory Clearskin Toner over it to really sink it in. This makes my skin so supple and moist, one of the things I like to reach for that I know will immediately quench any dryness.

Klorane Leave-In Cream With Papyrus Milk

I first saw Klorane products in a natural beauty store in Florence, but didn't get a chance to buy it at the time. Luckily both Sephora and Ulta carry Klorane products back home in the US, it's been pretty easy to get ahold of this French brand. It's recently been repackaged into new white tubes. Still the same product. It's the thickness of lotion, with a green/cotton scent that my brain readily accepts as papyrus (why not). I use the amount shown, spread it thin all over my hands and then them through the bottom half of my hair. It doesn't feel heavy, oily, waxy or anything like that. It just gives my hair more moisture which helps balance out the protein heavy products I've been using; the /*stemm*/ Amino Acid Shampoo and Fulvic Acid Conditioner. $18 at Sephora.

Koyudo CW-11 is such a great candle flame shape. I could gush all day about it. It contains Kolinsky hair, and is just perfect for my eye size. I like it so much that I ended up placing another order for a back up (not getting a back up of my ArtNet brush of a similar size before it was discontinued is one of my few regrets in life). If I wipe it down between colors, I can do a whole multihued eye look with just this brush and a fluffy blender. This brush is flexible but resilient, and with the exception of poking the bristles perpendicular to the skin (it's like petting a cat against the fur, just don't do it), soft as well. It's around $27 on CDJapan.

I adore my lil Natasha Denona Mini Lila palette. The more I use it, the more I love the color scheme and how they look on my eye. I'm trying to not use it every single day so I won't get burnt out on it, I just want to take my time and savor.  Full review of it here.

I bought a perfume in Positano that smelled incredible in the store. Like limoncello, winter flowers blooming, and misty clouds, a touch of cool water. It smelled absolutely nothing like that when I sprayed it at home. However this little inexpensive bottle of Yves Rocher Mandarin - Lemon - Cedar fits the bill, in terms of Italian coast sunshine feel! It could be a little more boozy to remind me of the lemon liqueur that Morgan and I knocked back all too easily. This little EDT is only $7.

Tell me about your summer favorites! What have you been loving recently?

Products featured were purchased by me. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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