Natasha Denona Mini Lila Palette: Swatches & Looks

Thursday, August 2, 2018

I'm a full blown Natasha Denona convert. I don't know how it happened (that's a lie, I kept buying more and more ND, it's not exactly a surprise) but I've ended up with 50 of her shadows, I'm a huge fan of the glittery and metallic shades. Two of the newest releases, Tropic and Mini Sunset had some really mixed reviews, so I skipped those. Since I'm currently crushing on purple, I was really drawn to the Mini Lila Palette and ordered it the day it was released on the Sephora website.

See that color, second from the left? That blurple sort of duochrome glitter? Let's be honest, I ordered this mini quint for that one shade. I hoped it would be incredible and it didn't disappoint. 

Left to right:
Poison Berry (CM), Blue Dahlia (DC), Raisin (CM), Linen (M), Flint (CM). Swatches over primer. 

CM (Creamy Matte) is a huge improvement over the other matte finish, V, which is super dry. I still find CM a bit dry to my liking, even if it is really pigmented. It's not as easily to work with as my Viseart mattes. The metallic M is pretty great like usual, even it's not as high shine as other M shadows I own. Raisin is less dusty on skin than it looks in the pan and since I'm pretty yellow, Poison Berry looks a lot warmer than it does in the stock photo online. Flint is just a nice color, a perfect tan transition color.  Overall I really liked all five shadows, individually and as a set of five. 

Blue Dahlia is everything I hoped it would be AND MORE. The formula is smooth not gritty, and the color is fantastically glittery. It's an indigo base with a green/blue/purple shifting glitter. 

Blue Dahlia compared to other purple/blue glitters in my stash. 

Left to right: Fyrinnae Divine, Tom Ford Camera Obscura, Looxi November Rain, Natasha Denona Blue Dahlia, Colourpop Bae. Compared to the others, Tom Ford Obscura and Looxi November Rain  look maroon/brown instead of purple. 

Here's a few looks I've done with these colors in Mini Lila:

I've mixed Raisin and Poison Berry all over the upper and lower lids, and applied Blue Dahlia to the center of the lid. 

Flint in the transition, Raisin in the crease, and Linen in the center of the lid.

Possibly my favorite look. Flint in the transition, in an arc from inner corner to outer corner. Raisin and Poison Berry mixed together for crease and lower lid area. Blue Dahlia smudged in on top of the purples.

Overall, I am very pleased with this mini quint. I don't mind the smaller quantity of eye shadow (I don't pan shadows very often), it's a great way for people new to Natasha Denona to get a taste of the good stuff, and oh yeah, Blue Dahlia. She's a thing of beauty.

The Mini Lila Palette is $25 for 5 pans that weigh .8 grams each. Full sized quints are $48, 5 pans that weigh 2.5 grams each.

Have you seen any looks done with this mini palette yet?

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