I'm Back.

Friday, August 26, 2011
Here's a happy picture of Kuma, just to liven up
your day

It's been absolutely forever since I last blogged, it turned out to be a much longer hiatus than I ever intended. I'm very happy to report that I'm now at another point in my life where I feel like I can start to post reliably again, hurrah for that. Really though, I missed blogging so much- it's not a role that I easily fell out of, that's for sure. In fact, there were definite times where I wrote imaginary posts in my head, noting tidbits about new products I was trying that I absolutely had to remember to relay to you all.
I have a ton of nail polish pics to show you, as well has hair product reviews and makeup posts. I can't wait to start again.

Love, Mimi

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