Spring Giveaway Contest! Urban Decay Set *CLOSED*

Friday, April 30, 2010
Actual prize; new in box and unopened
I figured it's about time I do my first ever giveaway contest. 
Nothing super fancy, just a Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set. This set includes:
-XL Urban Decay Primer Potion (my favorite!)
-Mini 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero
-Mini Midnight Cowboy Lipstick 
-Mini Timothy Pocket Rocket 
-Mini Skyscraper Mascara

Here's the rules: 
- There are three ways to enter- 

1. Become a Follower to this site, and leave me a comment on this post saying "Enter Me!", with some reasonable means of contacting you (Makeup Alley screen name or email, I won't track you down via smoke signals.) Tell me about what you'd like to see in my blog, and how you stumbled upon it. (1 entry)
2. Become a Follower to this site and blog about this contest, with a link back to this post (or post it in your sidebar). Be sure to link me proof! (1 entry)
3. Become a Follower to this site and follower on Twitter (MUWithdrawal) and tweet about it, with a link to this post (tag me with a @MUWithdrawal) (1 entry)

Here's a clear and concise example:
"Enter Me!
Hey Mimi, I'd love to see more reviews about skin care items. Found your site while googling pictures of giant Cheez-Its. 
I blogged about your contest: www.example.blogspot.com and also tweeted about it- my Twitter name is ExampleTwitterName."

This gives everyone an opportunity of up to 3 entries. You can only do each option once, repeats will be ignored.  Unintelligible entries with no contact info will also be ignored.  The contest ends at noon (Eastern Time) on May 14th. After it ends, I will number the entries and use random.org's RNG to determine the winner, then I'll post the winner within the next day and let them know. The winner has 72 hours to contact me back- after that time period, I'll determine a new winner. 
Unfortunately, since this is my first contest- it's open to US and Candian residents only and adults ages 18 and over (unless the minor provides written permission from guardians . It's just a bad idea for strangers to be sending minors anything, even if it's just makeup). 
Any questions? Feel free to email me, makeupwithdrawal@gmail.com 
Good luck!
All items featured were purchased by me. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Fling

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Urban Decay Primer Potion,
Last week after our fight, I did a horrible thing. I felt like you left me no choice after I cut you in half and discovered that you had been holding back on me. Yes, I saw you there, with more than half of you left in the crevices of your strangely designed packaging.
I strayed. I left you for another primer. I went out hoping that I could do better than you. I went to Sephora, hoping to pick up something that would replace you and I'd heard that Too Faced Shadow Insurance could do what you do, no strings attached. From a distance, I admired the sleek tube that TFSI came in, so different from your lavender curves.  
I eagerly brought TFSI home. I immediately took a liking to the way TFSI could squirt out a little product, instead of the way you brazenly show your wand and dip into the primer all at once. The whole time I used TFSI, I thought about your puzzling doe-footed applicator and how unhygienic it was. But the moment I caressed TFSI, I knew something was wrong. It was so thin and though I was used to the slippery feel of silicones, the formula felt rather greasy. It disappeared into my skin at once, where as you were thicker and helped even out the color of my lids. You both dry just as quickly. I tried both shimmery and matte colors (yes, I used the same eye shadows that the two of us used together) and found that for the most part, you worked the same way. But because I like to be ridiculously thorough, I tested the two of you side by side with shimmer and matte eyeshadow. Though nearly identical, I found that TFSI made colors true to what they looked like in the pan, you made matte colors slightly richer and the shimmer in sparkly colors pop out a tiny bit more.  
Basically, what I'm saying is this: if you're willing, I'd like to get back together. No, I beg you to take me back. I would say that my eyelids are pretty average, neither oily nor dry but I really do believe that you are better. In fact, if you're willing to forgive this horrible breach of trust, I'll return Too Faced Shadow Insurance back at to Sephora at once. I'll learn to accept your wasteful and inconvenient packaging- after all what matters is on the inside. 


All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 

MAC Pret A Papier: Chromagraphic Pencil

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
While browsing through the Pret A Papier collection online, I stumbled across a product whose function I had not an inkling. Chromagraphic Pencil? Huh? Rather than give me clues, its name only confuses me further. 
I -had- to see it in person. So yesterday I went to the mall and after returning something at Sephora, I figured I'd let myself take a closer look. 
What it is: creamy skin toned product in pencil liner form. It's like concentrated concealer, but sharpenable. I was surprised at the smooth consistency (I like to set low expectations for products people rave about, just so I can be pleasantly pleased if it does work out) and even more so at it's lasting power. It comes in two shades; NC15/NW20 or NC25/NW30, of which I picked the former. The pencil is made from hard wood, much like an artist's pencil (a big plus for me, I really dig artsy makeup) and is $14.50
I use it on my waterline, for hiding redness and giving my eyes an overall fresh, well rested and alert look. It's very subtle, but it does give me a little something extra and I clearly need all the help I can get. So far, it's been about 8 hours plus for lasting power. This simply confounds me. How can something so creamy last so long? Normally anything on my waterline lasts about half an hour (with the exception of kohls and Prestige Total Intensity liners, ♥) but this lasts all day, and when it does fades gradually instead of patches missing from my line. 
Another thing that I discovered this morning was that this pencil is great at tidying up the brows. I drew a thin line under my arches, blended with my finger and it gave them a bit of lift (as well as hiding a few stray hairs) and also lined the inner edges (closest to my nose) to make them look more polished. 
In addition, this pencil can also precisely contour areas like the nostrils and cupid's bow (though it is not lip safe, so stay away from your puckers). 
Here's the sad part: though it's only been available for about a week, the lighter shade is already sold out online and at many MAC counters (I grabbed the last one :D). 
I chose this product rather than a lipstick or eyeliner (though Dressmaker, Dressmaker was tempting) because I'm trying to opt for products that are multi-functional. Plus, I purchased like 7 lipsticks last weekend (bargain bin find!) so I couldn't really justify another one. 
So, what do you think? As curious as I was about this product?
All products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. 

Urban Decay Face Case

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I bought this last week at Ulta (grrr. Before it was available online at UD's site) after I saw pics of it. It's $14 and contains 3 shadows, 1 blush and 3 lipglosses. The case is made out of velvety, rubbery purple plastic and 1.5 times the size of a Blackberry Pearl cellphone. The eyeshadows are three really popular shades: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (champagne glitter), Grifter (lavender glitter) and Twice Baked (satiny brown with micro glitter). The three glosses are Naked (pink), Love Junkie (sheer dark berry) and Carnie (sheer milky pink with micro glitter). What's nice is that the blush is brand spankin' new, Hookup which is a sheer pinky coral flush. 

If glitter isn't your thing, I wouldn't take a second look at this palette. Sure it's cheap, convenient and cute, but it's chock full of glitter. I even tweeted Urban Decay (UrbanDecay411), asking if it's contacts safe but the never got back to me (suuurpise).  The best part of this palette is the lovely blush which despite being sheer is pretty decently pigmented and isn't powdery. That's a big deal to me, because there's nothing worse than a super powdery blush in a palette that ruins the nearby lip glosses by flicking excess powder on to them!
So, what do you think? Gonna get one?

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 

Etude House Eye Contour Brush

Monday, April 26, 2010
Usually I don't do an entire post about just one product. The reason being that it's rather hard for me to come up with enough nice things to say. This here brush is an exception to the rule.
A little background info: for those of you who don't know who or what Etude House is, it's a Korean brand that features makeup, haircare and skincare. Recently, they started selling online to the U.S. (Yes! When I first found this out, jumping for joy quickly followed). Next time I go to Asia, I will surely visit one of their cute boutiques if possible because they're just about the cutest damn thing I have ever seen. Etude House has the cutest brush holder and  Their main selling point is that they have quality products that are also affordable.
The brush that I'm talking about today, the Eye Contour Brush isn't actually available on their site yet. I got it off of Ebay for $6.47- including shipping and handling (not too shabby!). Since EH's US shipping is a flat rate of $6, I imagine that if you can find a reliable seller on Ebay (or buy lots of items on GMarket) it will be considerably cheaper.
I think that 'Eye Contour Brush' is a bit of a misnomer. With a title like that, I'd expect a the bristles to have a fancy shmancy cut, like some sort of  taper. Nope, it's a very basic, medium sized eyeshadow brush. What's nice about it is that it's very well made- the ferrule is strongly attached, the bristles don't shed nor do they smell. The handle is neither too long nor too short. The weight (yes, I notice things like brush weight) is not feather light like an cheaply made e.l.f. $1 brush (bless these brushes though, dead useful) nor are they solid like my Sephora Prestige set brushes.  Not too fluffy, not too dense.
In short, everything about this brush is not too much, not too little. Just right. This is the Goldilocks' baby bear of eye shadow brushes. There's something about the completely black brush that really attracts me. I've been able to get the perfect light wash of color all over my lids with this brush.  
In fact, I'm also expecting another Etude House brush- a duo fiber one! 
Oh. There is one thing. On the back of the packaging, it says that the bristles are pony hair. What the heck does this mean? I know in the purse and leather world, pony hair can mean anything from treated leather (US primarily) to actual pony hide (in parts of Europe, where consumption of horses is more common). So I emailed Etude House, trying to find an answer. I also asked how the hair was obtained, because I know it matters to a lot of people that their makeup and brushes are cruelty free. Will keep you posted!

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 

Cleaning Day! + More Walmart HD Brushes

Sunday, April 25, 2010
I spent all of Saturday afternoon rearranging my stash.
Since moving into the apartment, I've slowly taken over the computer desk (where we keep our desktop and also my laptop) with my makeup. Mr. MakeupWithdrawal stood steadfast, refusing to give in, thinking that somehow he might someday reclaim this large desk for his use. But yesterday, Saturday April 25th- I am proud to announce that he has surrendered unconditionally. He not only took the desktop computer off and took apart the jungle of cords that hooked up the speakers, he also moved it to my own corner of the apartment so that I might have better lighting.  Another perk was that from this set up, I can easily take videos.
Under the desk, left hand side
I also found some cash that I had squirreled away and completely forgotten about! Mr. M has also promised that when we buy a house, he'll build me a vanity (not holding my breath for this one). 

View from the desk

Ok, on the brush review. If you remember, last time I went to Walmart and bought two 'HD' brushes- a big soft bronzer brush and a highlighter brush (read about that here). This time, I thought I would grab one of the synthetic angled blush brushes (Around $6.50)  and also a sharpener (98 cents, I lose these about as often as I lose my lip balms). The blush brush is wonderful, silky smooth with a round, angled cut top. At first it had a bit of a smell, but I washed it two times (no shedding or bleeding!) and the scent came out after the first rinse. 
It's hard to tell, but I think this brush might even be softer than my Ecotools ones. Yes, really! I see myself using this one a lot for contouring.
I also like the sharpener. At first, I was a bit puzzled at the rubber cover that plugs every opening, but upon further pondering, I realized that it would help keep the sharpener clean and dust free. And it's ridiculously cheap at under a dollar! Even N.Y.C. sharpeners are $1.98 but this one is half that cost and very sturdy. It has two built in sharpeners, one for your standard pencil eyeliner and the other one for jumbo sized pencils like NYX Milk. 
Pretty productive day, eh?
All items featured were purchased by me, for my own use.

Formspring Answers

Friday, April 23, 2010
Here's a few of the Formspring questions I've had lately:

Hi there yr makeup tutorials is awesome! recently i saw yr tutorial on highlighting yr face. Which highlighting cream u use?Pls share! Thanks!

Thanks! I appreciate it!
I use Boots No 7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion (which is a dupe for BeneFit High Beam) and also Wet'n'Wild Acapulco Glow Bronzzer (which was sadly discontinued)

What's the number one thing every woman should do everyday, that won't take a lot of time, to make her look fresh? 

I think highlighting is the greatest thing in the world to add extra 'oomph' to any look. I think there's a highlighter out there for every age- whether it be a satiny sheen or glowy shimmer.
I actually have a video on this :)

Are you team edward or team jacob? lol I had to ask! You know my answer!

Team Edward. Hands down. I mean seriously. I mean, a big hairy dog is nice to cuddle and all, but I wouldn't want to marry a werewolf.
I would elaborate on this answer, but I don't want to reveal how emotionally invested I am on Twilight.

Hi, I have Lorac Reverie and Mac Prepped for Glamour. I think they look exactly the same but your swatches make Prepped for Glamour look darker. I'm thinking of returning the Mac one since I can't tell the difference. Any thoughts on the 2 colors?

Hey there, thanks for the question!
You're absolutely right, in the pan the two eyeshadows look identical. When swatched though, they look slightly different in natural lighting. I find that Reverie is a bit warmer and more bronze while Prepped for Glamour is slightly cooler and has a tinge of burnt sienna. Here's a pic of them side by side: 
If you can't tell the difference (I can't either in artificial lighting) I would definitely return it! Might as well exchange for a completely different and unique color, right?

Giveaway contest + FOTD Calendar

Thursday, April 22, 2010
First I wanted to post about an awesome giveaway contest:
Pieces of Katie-Jane has an awesome giveaway, the prize includes:
-OPI Alice In Wonderland Nail Polish Collection
-Lush Yummu Yummu Yummy Shower Cream Wash
-Cute Handmade Flower Brooch
-Strawberry Cupcake BathBomb
-Two Barry M Lipglosses in No's. 1 & 4

Also, I wanted to share my FOTD Calendar for the remainder of the month. I made it for one person in particular but realize, heck why not share my goofy calendar with everyone? Each day even has a visual aid! I'll make sure there's a permanent link on the left hand side of the page too. Alas, my eye is still healing, so I won't be able to partake in doing FOTDs for another few days. I'd love to see pictures of the inspired looks.
Here's the link: 
Hope it interests you!

<3, M

image courtesy of WeHeartIt

NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't look at me like that. It was an impulse buy. It had neutrals. It was also on sale at Ulta for $7.49 so I couldn't help myself. Let me start out by saying that:
-If you like bright colors and candy colored eyeshadow, this palette is not for you.
-If you want a palette that is dramatic and great for nights out, this palette is not for you.
-If you already have a ton of neutrals, this palette is not for you.
I think you get the point. I just can't stress enough that if you aren't looking for this sort of thing, then of course you won't find it palatable. 
1. Frosty champagne, slightly peachy
2. White matte
3. Satin light taupe
4. Shimmer medium golden taupe
5. Matte medium rose brown
6. Matte ashy dark brown. 
7. Frosty champagne (similar to #1 but more golden)
8. Pearly pink
9. Shimmery taupe with a touch of plum
10. Matte black
Well, what is this palette actually good for? I think that if you're new to neutrals (is there such a thing?) and need a decent array of eyeshadows to play with. These light brown shades are pretty good as all over the colors.
I'll be honest though, some of these shades aren't the awesome buttery NYX texture that I'm accustomed to. The shimmery/pearly shades are pretty decent but the matte shades (2, 6, 8) are not as good as the NYX singles. Shade number 2, a matte white is in fact a little chalky (Is there even a non-chalky matte out there?). 
This is the kind of palette you leave in your desk at work for the days you get there late and realize you forgot to look in the mirror. 
You can do a near complete eye look with just this palette. In fact, for some reason the black in this palette (while far from the best black I have ever used) is remarkably amazing as a liner. You can highlight, contour your crease and line your eyes all in one, so I think it's a great value. But it just doesn't cut it for everyday use because so many of the shades are very similar.
I do however want to check out the rest of the palettes, perhaps the colors will draw me in more.
Have any of the NYX palettes?
Edit: After a few weeks, this shadows in this palette became utterly crumbled due to the soft, airy nature of the shadows. I didn't even travel with it or anything, it just crumbled while being with other palettes in a drawer! 

Fyrinnae Review

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I ordered some stuff from Fyrinnae a couple of weeks ago, but didn't expect my stuff until later (they have a rather long estimated wait time, to actually create the products). I played with all the items over the weekend and thought I'd share. 
The Velvet Gel Silica Primer- I had heard so many wonderful things about this primer! It gets so much love on the MUA boards- its supposed to provide oil control, a great finish and be silicone free. Unfortunately, I was really underwhelmed by it. Maybe it's because I already use aloe to moisturize and silica to set my makeup.  I noticed a few things about it in particular that I really don't like- it dries out my foundation as I'm applying it and I get a cakey finish) and also that it leaves a noticeable white cast if you apply generously. Even when I scaled back and used less, it made my face look really pale (not that I have anything against pale skin, it just looked like an unnatural pallor). Perhaps I'm just spoiled by silicone primers, but I didn't think it hid my pores well either. It did keep my t-zone rather matte, but unfortunately it was at the expense of my foundation application and correct skin shade. I did get a nice, tight smooth skin surface from it but honestly, the same effect occurs with just aloe gel applied liberally over the entire face and a light dusting of silica when the makeup is all done. It's really too bad, I had wanted to like this so madly and wanted it to be my summer primer because it was so cheap! ($5.50 for a half ounce tub) 
Pixie Epoxy- Oh, this is some wonderful stuff. It's not an eyeshadow primer exactly, it's like super glue for your really shimmery, glittery shadows. It looks a little milky in the tube, but it's clear in the tube. On their site, the creators of Fyrinnae products caution against using too much of it and I'd have to second the motion. If you don't use the tiniest bit, it'll completely saturate the shadow instead of adhering it and you'l end up with a streaky gloopy mess. Apply a little bit, let it get tacky and apply the shadow. Fyr's site also states that it's supposed to enable you to blend and brush on glittery shadows instead of patting them on, but that's one claim that I don't think it quite lives up to (really uneven application when I tried this). Also for shadows that are more matte or satiny, it darkens the color. Still, at $7 a tube I think it is an absolute must for glitter hoors who want to minimize fallout (Urban Decay owners, I'm talking to you). 
I bought mini sizes of four taupe-ish colors (they have an entire taupe category on their site! Heaven!) and they gave me a sample of another taupe! Also, I swatched a shadow that an MUAer had sent me a sample of. What's that you say, the shadows look like dirt in tiny little jars? A year ago I would have agreed with you, and possibly passed these shadows over as ugly bland colors that reminded me of dust. But upon a closer look, these shadows are actually remarkably complex and quietly stunning.

I had to take three different pictures of Atomic Afterglow just to capture it's unique color. 

Notes: All of these colors are extremely had to photograph because they have subtle sheens and colored sparkle. Envy Me is a light taupe with green sheen. Arcane Magic: Warrior-Mage is Black-Blue with Green Shimmer and multicolored sparkle. Snow Leopard is a golden taupe shimmer. Cookie Dough is a light satiny taupe. Damn Paladins is a light taupe with a hint of plum and blue sparkle. Atomic Afterglow is a grey shimmer with opalescent sheen (green golden pink) and sparkle (holy cow that one is complex). All of them don't wear very well on their own, but do well with primer. Hit or miss over Epoxy. Warrior Mage is somewhat streaky, if you try to blend the beautiful green shimmer buffs away and you're left with only the black-blue color. 
Final verdict- very beautiful unique colors that I might otherwise overlook. I wished their shadows had some sort of binding agent (you know how MAC pigments ball up?) because sometimes the application is streaky, like the eyeshadow is separating. I'll definitely be buying more samples and I advise others to do the same. Their mini sizes are very generous, I don't think I'll never finish one so why buy a full jar?
All products featured were purchased by me for my own use. 

New Notices and Revlon Singles

Monday, April 19, 2010
I just wanted to talk about a few new features to this blog. First, notice on the left hand side of the page there's a Formspring box that says, "Ask Me Anything"? That'll allow anyone to ask me any thing (surprise!). I'm hoping that the questions will be makeup related, but hey- I'll still answer questions about my favorite movie theater candy or if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob. It's a really neat feature- you can ask questions totally anonymously if you want to. If there's enough interest, every so often I'll post some of the more interesting questions and their answers here. 
Also, on the top of the page where there's a menu of sorts- there's a new addition. I thought I'd make a handy swatch gallery where all the swatches can be found so that they're easy to compare. It's also great for people who are really determined not to read. 
Alright, Revlon singles!
Here's the ones I have so far- (Perle) Glistening Snow, Black Galaxy, Violet Starlet. (Satin) Nude Slip and (Matte) Aubergine. 
I'd like to point out that I think the rather obvious misnomers- the finish names. By Perle, Revlon means matte or sheer shimmer with SPARKLE, GLITTER, HOLY SHIT SPARKLE. Sorry to jump out at you like that with caps and stuff, but I had to get the point across. By Satin, they mean shimmer. Matte is the only accurate description. 
I think they are really hit or miss- I returned Peach Sorbet (Matte) because I thought the texture was just awful and it turned out to be a hot chalky mess. However, I really do like the other ones that I have, I think the pigmentation (especially with Black Galaxy and Violet Starlet) are is pretty darn good. The blending is so-so, but I do like the lasting power. Sorry I didn't take pictures outside in the sun, but really- I think you get a great idea of the color quality. 

Notes: Glistening Snow is a -sheer- white silver sparkle. Violet Starlet is red based violet with silver sparkle. Black Galaxy is a black with a hint of green blue (tell me I'm not crazy and you see it too) with silver sparkle. Nude slip is a bronzy nude shimmer (really smooth texture). Aubergine is a matte dark grey/purple. 
Aubergine sounds gross, doesn't it? I actually really like it, surprisingly. It's really good for smokey eyes- like taking black down a notch and adding dimension and interest. I'll definitely be buying more of these (don't ever pay full price for 'em, they're always on sale somewhere) because I think they are great for drugstore products. 
So, what do you think? Has my favorable opinion of them convinced you to give them a chance?

Urban Decay Guest Swatches

Sunday, April 18, 2010
More awesome swatches, brought to you by AlexisAdella.

Notes:  Gash is a rusty shimmer red. Lounge is a shimmery duochrome- red brown and green. Acid Rain is a light yellow-green shimmer. Chains is a shimmery khaki green with gold undertones. Freakshow is a true dark purple sheen. Ruthless is a neutral taupe champagne shimmer. Crash is a satiny eggplant with micro glitter.
Base is NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

La Femme! Haul + Swatches

Friday, April 16, 2010

Seriously, I need to stop ordering stuff. I have more than I need for several lifetimes.
I apologize in advance for the ridiculously long post- but I know some people crave details and I'm nothing if not thorough. If it bugs you, just look at the pretty pictures.
Anyways, I ordered from MakeupMania.com sometime last week (Wednesday, I believe) and the first half of the order (the rest was out of stock and will arrive later) got here yesterday (and I've already spent like 6 hours playing with all the items).
I've heard great things about La Femme, a pro brand used by makeup artists and if you look at the reviews for their products on MakeupAlley, they have really high ratings. The super low price tags definitely helped too! All of their stuff feels pretty old school, like old Hollywood glamor. I ordered three single eyeshadow pans: Grey, Iridescent Brown and Taupe, matte cake eyeliner in Grey, Eyeliner Sealer, two single blush pans: Pink Velvet and Soft Beige, black cake mascara and a Glow On Rouge blush in Amber Dew. 
I was thrilled at the quality of the stuff. The eyeshadow cakes are HUGE (36mm, that's the size of a MAC blush) and boy are they pigmented. I bought three of them- Grey, Iridescent Brown and Taupe because I figured you can never go wrong with neutrals. All of them seem to be lighter in the pan than they are on skin.

Notes: Grey is a matte blue charcoal. For you cat fans, it's the exactly color of a Russian Blue (even if you're not, googling pictures of cute blue-grey cats will still bring joy to your day). Iridescent Brown is a dark matte brown with fine glitter that isn't over the top nor does it cause fallout. Taupe looks more beige in the pan, but on my skin it becomes a bit darker, a matte khaki color. Of the three shadows, Iri. Brown is the least blendable but I think that's due to its nature of really wanting to stay on your skin. All three of them are highly pigmented but not chalky. 
UDPP was used as the primer, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as used as the base.
Both the Glow On Rouge and the Cake Mascara come in big bulky packaging, each the size and shape of my car's  rear view mirror. I'll be reviewing the Cake Mascara separately in a later post, because I feel like it's unique enough to warrant it. The products inside them are so good, heck- I don't even care how big they are. 
The Glow on Rouge in Peach is really beautiful. It's this perfect soft peach that when applied, melted into my skin, creating a perfect nectarine glow. It's almost the perfect peach blush. Sensing a caveat? Well, remember how I said all the products seemed old school glamorous? This one smells old. As in, old people- perfumed baby powder. And it lingers. I'm sticking it overnight in my freezer (cool trick, bet you didn't know that) which sometimes helps fragrance dissipate from powder, seeing what will happen.
Edit: Quick correction- on the swatch picture it is incorrectly labeled as "Amber Dew" when it is in fact, Peach Nectar. And no, the scent didn't fade away completely- it's still kinda there. Too bad, it was so close to perfect.

Ah, cake eyeliner! They sent my grey one out, but the matte black is OOS. In the past, I've used dark eyeshadows wet before, but never tried anything specifically formulated to be a cake liner or a special eyeliner sealer. Like the Grey eyeshadow, it's a little blue but that's fine by me. It keeps the color from looking ashy and I think it's rather unique. I love it! I can get both transparent and opaque liner, depending on how I mess with it. I also used the eyeliner sealer with another dark shadow, and am pleased with the results.
One last thing- the single pan blushes!
Note: Pink Velvet is bright matte pink, Soft Beige is a warm matte brown. Pink Velvet is a bit of an understated name. It should be called 'Holy Crap that's Hot, Pink'. It's very pigmented too, so I'm almost frightened of it. I really didn't expect Soft Beige to be so dark, I believe I'll use it as a contour powder. The textures are different. Soft Beige is much more finely milled than PV, smoother and silkier. 
Just to give you an idea of how cheap things are- at MakeupMania, the single eyeshadow/blush pans were $2.50, the Glow on Rouge was $4.75, and so on. 
As for MakeupMania, the site.... well... I have mixed feelings. They carry a lot of brands. They're cheaper than other sites. But I don't think the customer service is all that great. I never received a tracking number, and when I called them to ask about it and gave them all my info, they said they'd get back to me- email the info to me. Hasn't happened yet, and I already have the package in my hands. Still would like the other tracking number though for part two of my order. 
I'm actually going to email CameraReadyCosmetics and see if I can't get a price match, like their policy promises.
Thanks for reading! Anything spark your interest?
All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use.

E.l.f. Complexion Perfection Review

I'm a sucker for any product that promises to neutralize, I really am. I've been curious about this product in particular for a long time- the E.l.f. Complexion Perfection (hence forth known as 'elf' because I'm tired of typing the periods). This product is from their Studio line - you know, the one where everything is packaged in imitation NARS. It's a pressed powder divided into four quadrants, all pastel (which reminds me of Easter, baby animals and toddlers every time I open it). The powder is finely milled, scentless, and neither hard to get on a brush or overly powdery. I swiped each color individually, just to give you an idea of how it looks but be aware that I swatched it really heavily.

I tried using this power in a few different ways. First, on my bare face (cleansed and moisturized, of course) I applied it directly to my face with a small fluffy brush. I used the green around my nose where the skin is always red, a little bit of both the pink and the yellow under my eyes, where there's a bit of darkness. I didn't really notice any difference, except that there was now powder on my face (not really worth taking a picture of either).
Next, I tried the same thing on top of concealer and foundation. Voila! The yellow+pink combo underneath my eyes set the concealer nicely, and seem to brighten the area. The green around my nostrils helped tone down any remaining redness peeking through my foundation. However, my favorite use of this product is to swirl all the colors together with a big fluffy brush and apply it as a setting powder. I was also fascinated that all the colors mixed together made a sort of 'non color', if that makes any sense. No one shade was predominately noticeable over the others. That combined color helped brighten my face up (great for sallow complexions) and mattified the oily areas- I'll definitely be using this more and more as it gets warmer out.  I did notice that on some of my drier areas, it seemed to accentuate the flakes though, so be wary if you have dry skin.
Yes, over applying this powder will give that ghostly pale pallor, so for the darkest skin tones- I wouldn't recommend this, I'd imagine it'd be more ashy than useful. On lighter complexions, use a lighter touch and you'll be all set!
Overall, an interesting product and at $3 certainly worth trying out. You get a large amount and thanks to elf being now readily available at Target, you no longer have to order online! (International beauty lovers will though :( )