Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan 3.0 Submissions

Exciting news!

Submissions are now open for the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan 3.0 Collection. Every two years, RBL’s Fan Collection comes out and is a great chance for ReBeLs to work with Ji and make their dream colors come true!

To qualify, fans should create a Pinterest board, curated with images inspired by the color they wish Ji to mix. Another option is to create a collage, or even a slideshow with photos and descriptions. The link for the Pinterest board/or collage along with a description should be sent to For more details, see Ji’s blog post here.

Some of my favorite colors ever were from Fan Collections. Remember Fire Queen? Hands down one of my favorite colors in existence. I really hope that you guys will enter!

The 48-hour submission starts on Friday, July 25th at 12pm EST and ends 12pm EST on Sunday, July 27th. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pretty Serious Stop! Collaborate and Listen Collection

 Good evening!

I've my first polishes from Pretty Serious to show you guys today. Pretty Serious has long been on my radar; not only was it one of the first indie companies to have a wide distribution but I thought it was pretty cool that Kaz was a blogger turned polish line owner. That's the dream, right?

The Pretty Serious Stop! Collaborate and Listen Collection was made with nail bloggers, which is always fantastic because nobody knows how to come up with a unique polish like someone who has seen a ton of it!
 Left to right: Stuck in the Middle, Undercover Mermaid, Swatch and Learn

 Stuck in the Middle. Two coats. A magenta base with beautiful blue/fuchsia glass fleck. This one is really glossy and remarkably opaque. This shade was made with Kristy (@thepolishhaven)

Undercover Mermaid. Three coats. The first picture is more color accurate, but the second reveals all the beautiful flakes. A stunning slightly lavender dusty taupe. Super work appropriate but has all this green/blue flake action going on. Made in collaboration with Lab Muffin

Swatch and Learn. Two coats. A green polish just loaded with glass fleck of all colors. Depending on how you're viewing them, they look fuchsia/pink/green/blue. This is the eponymous creation of Swatch and Learn.

I really loved all the shades but I find Undercover Mermaid to be the particularly beautiful. It combines two of my favorite things; dusty cremes with blue/green flakies. Win-win. Each shade is 11ml and is priced at $9.95 per bottle.

The Stop! Collaborate and Listen Collection is available now from Pretty Serious. PS is based in Australia so us international folks can purchase Pretty Serious shades from the stockists (here).

Products featured were press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: YSL Couture Palette in No. 04 Saharienne

Thanks to a kind friend, I ordered one of the new YSL Couture Palettes last week from Bergdorf's. There's so many beautiful color combinations but what did I get? A fairly cool neutral palette. No. 4 Saharienne. I think it looks vastly different from the stock pictures on the Sephora website - take a look:
image from Sephora
The stock image looks much warmer and the colors look quite a bit richer. The case is identical to the older quads, that same sleek gold case that attracts finger smears with a vengeance. These ready-to-wear palettes are what I like to call "portion controlled"; the main color has a larger pan than darker colors of which you'll likely use less.


Mundane Monday, Vol. XXI: Things to Come

Good morning!

I miss blogging quite a bit. It's getting hectic around here, we're only one week or so from closing escrow on our first home and moving in. I'm in the process of not only packing, but pruning our possessions and that includes my beauty products. In other words: my blogging corner is a shambles.  So today I have for you sneak peak photos of products I'll be talking about in the near future.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Ah, this palette. I've had my eye on theBalm's Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette for ages. It was one of those items that I would see on sale and promise myself to get next time, over and over again. I finally ordered a few weeks back and I'm pretty thrilled with it. 

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