NYX Ultra Pearl Manias

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
First, another thanks to Mae- I only have these to talk about because of her!
Ultra Pearl Manias are another kind of loose shadows that NYX Makes.  These however, are more closely related to mica samples that you get from mineral makeup companies than proper loose shadows. The interesting thing about them is that the finishes vary from shade to shade on these Pearl Manias, some being downright metallic while others being shimmer with a more subtle sheen. You'll see what I mean.
Without some sort of primer/base adhesive, the color payoff is pretty crappy. But add in a bit of Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, and take a look:
Much prettier, right? Like I said before, the finishes are a bit different. Mocha and Silver are definitely metallic, where as the others have various degrees of shimmer. Space and Purple both have a bit of a blue under sheen to them and Jade is quite frosty.
Now the neat thing about these Pearl Manias is that you're not just limited to using them as eyeshadow. I'll talk more about this later, but *ahem* use your imagination. 
Ah! I almost forgot the best part, these go for $2.50 per vial. Talk about cheap!
Till tomorrow then!

Items shown were given to me as a gift, for my own use.

Revlon Fantasy Lengths - Sticker Lashes for the False Lash Hopeful

Monday, June 28, 2010
I test drove a pair of falsies that my friend Mae sent me. They're made by Revlon (Yes! Revlon makes false lashes! They've been expanding their line to makeup brushes as well.) and the selling point is that they're self adhesive. 
I've found that plenty of women seem to be hesitant to try false lashes because the process seems complicated (and to be honest, it does take practice!) but now it's just been made one step easier. No longer does one have to dab a thin stream of glue on the falsies and wait for the perfect moment when the glues is tacky enough to apply, but not over dried. No longer does the wearer have to worry about getting glue all over the lid or lashes, or worry that it'll mess up the makeup underneath. No sir, you just take them out of the box, approximate the length for your eye shape and stick them on. Really easy to use. They even come with an applicator to help push them on to the lash line ( I didn't really find it helpful, it looks like a deformed guitar pick, using my finger sufficed). 
Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Defining
I have two styles, Defining (long lashes) and Flirty (voluminous). They definitely weren't super natural, but pretty glam for night time or over the top occasion wear. 
They stayed on all day, with the exception of one end curling up a bit, but I managed to poke it back down and there it stayed. Where was one drawback to the sticky lashes- since it wasn't glue and couldn't dry, it remained sticky all day and attracted things other than skin. At one point a strand of hair stuck to it, and I had to carefully separate the two. At another point in the afternoon, a speck of glitter got stuck in the lash line. Where it had come from, I have no clue. That's the thing about glitter, it's like getting herpes. You can't get rid of it, ever. 
Anyways, these lashes come with an extra set of adhesives, so that you can get more than one use out of them. Overall, I was really pleased with how easy they were to use.

Products shown were given to me, as a gift- I was not paid to review.

Water Marbling Fail

Friday, June 25, 2010
Since falling deeply in love my nails for the first time in my life, I've spent hours pouring over the internet, leaping from one nail blog to another searching for new looks. This has fed my appetite for more and more polishes and inspired me to try more and more techniques- including water marbling! The technique is demonstrated in a lot of YT tutorials as well as blog guides, so I won't really go into it too much. 
My first attempt was not only messy, but was not exactly fruitful either. My designs weren't as pretty as I thought  it'd end up being, with the exception of my pointer finger. Also... because my process was so crude, I wasn't able to really do my right hand (since I'm more right handed). But here's a picture of attempt number 1!
I used: Brucci Gianna's "Rockin'" Blue, China Glaze Entourage and Wet'n'Wild Black Creme. 
I'm thinking that next time I should use acrylic paint, that might help the color dispersion problems I had!

FOTD: With my amazing DIY taupe

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Warning: the following pictures contain false lower lashes. Yes, lower lashes. I finally tried to compensate for the 4 spindly wimpy natural lashes that I actually have. I ... don't think I like the result. It's over the top and just ridiculous. Perhaps because I don't have natural lashes to blend them in? Oh, the irony- my fake lashes need real lashes to make them look natural.
Moving on. This look also contains a glorious taupe, one I made myself which I promise to tell you about soon! This is just a teaser, I swear.

Eyes: UDPP, Mysterious DIY Taupe, LORAC Miss Davenporte Showstopper palette (the black color), UD 24/7 liner in Zero, false upper and lower lashes
Face: Monistat Anti Chafe Gel, L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base, MUFE HD, NARS Custard/Ginger concealer duo, LORAC Couture blush
Lips: Smashbox Luminary gloss
Brows: NYX Brow Powder in Taupe/Ash

Interested in this mysterious taupe?

All products mentioned were purchased by me, for my own use.

NOTD: LE Wet'n'Wild Craze Nail Polish in Aruba

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
2 coats of W'n'W Aruba
Last week, I talked about an LE Wet'n'Wild bronzer, and today I want to show some pictures of a pretty polish they make. This light purple/magenta-y creme shade is called Aruba, and it comes in smaller packaging than the regular Wet'n'Wild Craze polishes. The formula is exceedingly odd, it reminds me of liquid vinyl. Yes, vinyl. I say that because as you wear it, it doesn't chip away, rather it wears away like a vinyl seat in a restaurant booth. It's not... streaky, exactly- but it's super thin and runny. I'll admit it, I kinda liked it like that.  Unfortunately, no this pretty color does not last long at all, but I did enjoy it while it did. 
Super cheap though! I think that I'd still pick up a few bottles of other shades, just because I liked how easy the application was because of the thin formula.
Edit: I believe this polish is what they call a 'jelly' polish.

Items shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 

FOTD: Coral Shadow and Double Wings

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I'm using the Avon Aquadelic Quad today for my FOTD, but I am ashamed to say that I'm not including the gorgeous robin's blue shade that absolutely makes the quad one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen. (I'm scared of blues, but one of these days I'll over come it and do a FOTD with it, I swear). I wanted to play with the matte coral eyeshadow, because it's a shade I've never used for the eyes. 
My chief concern is that with red, coral and pink eyeshadow is that it'll go horribly wrong and make my eyes look puffy and inflamed, like a horrible case of pink eye. I tried to keep the color really strong and below the crease to sort of 'contain' it instead of blending it out, but due to the creasing of my eyelids, you can't even see the color when my eyes are open! Fail! In addition, to keep my face from looking overly warm, I went with a nude glowy blush. 
Face: Monistat Anti Chafe Gel, L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base, NARS Concealer Ginger/Custard, MUFE HD, e.l.f. Complexion Perfection and Hard Candy Pin Up Blush.
Eyes: UDPP, NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil, Avon Aquadelic Quad, Wet'n'Wild Cream Liner and Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Lips: Rimmel Smooch 
Brows: NYX Brow Powder in Taupe/Ash

I've been on a 'soft and dainty' look kick lately, can you tell?

My First Holographic Nail Polish

Monday, June 21, 2010
I have the most beautiful thing in the world. More beautiful than a sunrise over a lake, a sunset over the Grand Canyon, my unborn children, etc. Holographic nail polish. 
I'm a nail polish amateur, but I do have a bone to pick with the nail polish world.
I switched to square tips, see? 1x Seche Clear Base, 2x Love 'Em Leave 'Em
Why. Didn't. You guys tell me about this sooner? It blows my mind! Sure, I've seen some pictures of holographic nail polish, but the opalescent effect just simply isn't captured well on camera. It's stunning! The one I have on today is from Color Club, it's called Love 'Em Leave 'Em. It's a beige, but boy it couldn't be anything further away from boring. 
The interesting thing about this holo (and I guess all holos? I wouldn't know, I only own one!) is that it's formula applies like it's matte. The reflective qualities make it shiny again. Kinda odd, no? I would top it off with Seche Vite, but I found that it actually dulls down the shimmery rainbow-y goodness, refraction at work. 
It took only two coats to achieve this effect too! And without a top coat, it lasted a pretty decent amount of time, 2 days (this is more impressive than it sounds, I abuse my fingertips and get way more wear'n'tear than the average person). 
Let's just say that I will be, without a doubt hunting down more holos!

What do you think of holos?

Product shown was purchased by me, for my own use.

FOTD: New Haircut!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm desperately trying to use up mini sized products, in an attempt to get myself on par with my ProjectPan tally (check the last post for more info about Project Pan). I also finally got that desperately needed haircut, the last time it was cut was... *gulp* a year ago. I know, I'm so bad. The stylist made a tsk tsk sound as he inspected the damage. Luckily, he was able to salvage something out of my split ends! Also really happy that he was able to give me a style that's super low maintenance and very sleek. I do have to go out and buy a big round brush though!
But wouldn't you know, I ruined that perfect coif the moment I stepped got into the car. You know that commercial with the woman who spends hours at the salon and ruins it by taking the top down on her Jeep? That's me! Go ahead and picture me with my head out the window of a silver Liberty. 

Face: Monistat Gel, L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base, MUFE HD, TF Pink Leopard, NARS Concealer duo ginger/custard
Lips: Revlon SL Cherries in the Glow
Eyes: SMH Carnal Knowledge, MAC Prepped for Glamour, LORAC Beige, UDPP, UD 24/7 Zero, Opera Volume Control Mascara
Brows: NYX Brow Powder Taupe/Ash

All products mentioned were purchased by me, for my own use.

What I'm saving up for...

Friday, June 18, 2010
Chanel Fall 2010. I need it. All. 
Ok, but realistically, I'm limiting myself to 3 things. Hopefully, I'll get the two eyeshadow singles as well as the plummy blush. To see what I'm talking about, check out CafeMakeup
Since deciding to participate in Project Pan, that means I have to finish up three products before buying three more. Luckily, I'm pretty much done with a bottle of Fix+, but I need two more items! :( 
A bit more about Project Pan- I'm committing to only buying items once I've finished another up. One out, one in. 
I've also created a new MUA account for it (ProjectPan) - a sort of support group for those who want someone to be accountable to! 
What are you saving up for?

Late Night Dita Crush

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Look at that décolletage!
I have a confession to make. I have ogled pictures of Dita von Teese many, many times. Her flawless skin drives me crazy, as does her perfectly sculpted eyebrows and flawless makeup. The way her trademark bold red lips contrast against her pale visage sends tingles down my body. She's the poster child for the anti-bronze campaign.

She's my crush.

So last night while feeling decidedly unglamorous and down right gross, I decided to emulate one of my beauty icons. 
I also wish I had this sexy body.

I had to pale down my skin and edit my eyebrows a bit to get her look.  I don't think the attempt to un-tan body worked very well, it's somewhat blotchy. I also can't really adopt Dita's air of mystery nor her super photogenic facial expression. (I tried)

Face: L'oreal Magic Perfecting Primer, MUFE HD, NARS concealer in Ginger/Custard, Wet'n'Wild Acapulco Glow, e.l.f. HD Powder, VOV #3 Pink Red Mixing Blush
Brows: NYX Brow Powder in Taupe/Ash
Eyes: The Body Shop #12 Matte shadow, Jane Sungloss, SMH Carnal Knowledge, The Body Shop mineral shadow in Radiant Graphite, Wet'n'Wild Cream liner, Opera Volume Control Mascara
Lips: Urban Decay Lip Primer, Maybelline #50 Red liner, Sally Hansen Moist & Matte in Charmuesse 

All items mentioned were purchased by me, for my own use.

NOTD: China Glaze Entourage + EOTD

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
My fingers look a little red because they're stained from
my previous NOTD! Whoops! 1 coat Seche Clear Base,
2x Entourage, 1 coat Seche Top
This is my one and only green polish. China Glaze in Entourage is a bright creme green, with subtle shimmer. One thing I noticed though is that this polish stained my nails an awful yellow even though I had a base coat. Bagh. 
It actually also inspired my EOTD.  I figured since the only errand I'd be running was picking up dog food, that it didn't matter if I did something bright. I used this green I had concocted out of TKB micas to mimic MAC Sweet & Punchy, which I had coveted greatly. I kept the eyeliner neat, to keep the look from being gaudy. 
I used: UDPP, TKB Lemon Pop, a green shade I call 'Daphne', Wet'n'Wild Cream liner, Rimmel Sexy Curves and NYX Brow Powder.

All products mentioned were purchased by me, for my own use.

Cargo St. Tropez Eyeshadow + FOTD

Monday, June 14, 2010
Hmm? What's this? Yet another neutral shimmering shadow? Why of course, I love neutrals especially if it's a shade I don't quite have yet.
I'd like to introduce to you... Cargo eyeshadow in St. Tropez! It's a soft golden tawny shade that shimmers quite alluringly in the pan. And ah, the pan- I simply adore the packaging. Something about the sleek tin embossed with Cargo's logo really appeals to me, so minimalistic yet so functional. It's a 36mm pan, but I have a feeling that due to the nature of the packaging, I won't be able to depot (not that I want to!).
Ok, so that's where my love for this eye shadow ends. It barely shows up on my lids, only as a faint orangey golden glow even though my skin tone hasn't gotten that tan (I'm guessing around NC25 right now). I don't think it's the most flattering all over the lid color like I had hoped it'd be. 
I read the other reviews on MakeupAlley and it seems like 99% of people love this shadow, but for me it wasn't that great of a buy. In addition to not being a suitable color for me, without primer, it just didn't last at all. However, the formula was quite nice, very blendable- also decent pigmentation. 
It does show up much better when wet, so that may be once option for me to actually use this shadow. The other option is to use it as a blending shade, to help ease the stark contrast between dark and light shadows so eye makeup looks less harsh. 
I could do worse, I suppose. It was from a Cargo sale on Editor's Closet (the shipping took so ridiculously long that I don't think I'll every buy from them or their affiliated beauty site ever again) for $8. Factoring in shipping costs, it was closer to $12. 
Here be the FOTD that I did with St. Tropez today. I decided that I didn't actually really like the lip color with it, so go ahead and take your finger and cover up that part of the screen. You can also mentally block out the wet hair. *Sigh* I really need to find a summer tan appropriate foundation.

Eyes: UDPP, The Body Shop #12 Matte shadow, Cargo St. Tropez shadow. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. Wet'n'Wild Creme Liner, L'oreal HiP Loose Kohl. 
Brows: NYX Brow powder in Taupe/Ash
Face: Monistat Gel, NARS Concealer in Custard/Ginger, MUFE HD, e.l.f. Complexion Perfection, The Body Shop Kiss of Colour blush in Golden Coral
Lips: Urban Decay Lip Primer, Maybelline #50 Red liner, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 

Deal Alert! The Body Shop Sale

Sunday, June 13, 2010
I was at the mall today (naughty me, I'm on a no buy until Chanel fall) but couldn't resist when I saw that The Body Shop was having a 3 for $10 makeup sale. 
The pickings were getting rather slim, but I did cave and buy a few things, both for myself and for a upcoming MakeupWithdrawal blog giveaway (I'm thinking when I hit 50 followers or so!). I saw a lot of lipsticks, glosses and lots of different blushes on sale, as well as mineral shadows and other body products/odds'n'ends. 
Click here to go to their site page to buy any goodies online, as well as to get a good idea as to what will be available in store. 

All items shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 

New LE Wet'n'Wild Bronzer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010
stock image taken from wnwbeauty.com
So, on the way back from visiting my parents, I spied the greatest thing. Meijer. Why the heck was I so excited to see the Ohio version of Kmart? Because I had heard that they carried limited edition Wet'n'Wild products.
Yes, that's right. I forced Mr. MakeupWithdrawal to make a pit stop at a shopping center in the middle of Toledo, Ohio so that I could scope it out for makeup.
I ran in quickly and checked the aisles for the summer Wet'n'Wild products.
Take a look at the displays:

stock image from wnwbeauty.com
Someone needs to tell their marketing department that it's no longer 1996. But besides that, I -love- the idea of those marbleized mineral shadows and bronzers, as well as the ColorCraze nail polishes.
 WnW is just another line that's trying to do their own version of MAC's Mineralized products- like Revlon, Hard Candy and Prestige before them. 

Sadly, there was only one bronzer left and no eyeshadow, so I grabbed it.
I also picked one of nail polishes- such bright fun colors, I couldn't help myself.
The bronzer I got was in the shades Sizzle, a swirl of bronze and light gold. It's ridiculously shimmery, I can't stand it. This is what I look like wearing it:

Swatched very heavily, looks much better blended
It's so metallic looking that it looks like someone sprayed my face with a can of bronze metallic spray paint. And frankly, quite orange. Definitely does not fulfill the criteria of  'subtle', 'luminous' and 'glowy' that I look for in a bronzer. I tried using a fan brush to just dust a little on, but that still looked super shimmery and obvious. The only options of really using this bronzer is to use a large, dense bronzer brush to lightly buff it all over the body or as an eyeshadow (super, super warm though). 
Still, it was quite cheap! Around $3.50, on sale. But even that won't save you, Sizzle - off to the bronzer graveyard you go!

Product shown was purchased by me, for my own use. 

NOTD: Sally Hansen Sunrise, Sunset

Friday, June 11, 2010
I wish I had some sort of clever explanation for this nail polish, but I really don't.
It's a beautiful bright coral with shimmery lime green interference. Could a color embody the spirit of summer any more than this shade? No. 
I only wish you could see more of the lime green, which doesn't photograph well. 

I'm now officially on the hunt for a gloss this color, any suggestions would be most welcome! 
Also, check out this giveaway (also linked in my side bar): 
Elli Duvolle

It's an awesome giveaway, if I do say so myself. Since I'm aching for more Korean cosmetics, I'd be rather ridiculously happy if I won. 

And finally, on an unrelated note- you may have noticed that I changed the background and layout a bit! Blogger's new design feature allowed me to tweak the width of the posts so that my embedded YT vids finally fit. Also changed the overall color scheme to cooler colors, just because it looked better with the pictures I was taking of products under natural light bulbs! 
What do you think?

More LORAC (Don't Judge Me!) + Peaches'n'Green FOTD

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Clockwise from the top; Lush, Jade, Goddess
Hello readers! (All what, 5 of you anyway! :D ) Here's a few more shadows that came with my most recent order of LOR-crack. There's a reason why these last few shades of eye shadows from the VIP section are all greens.
I'm terrified of true greens. Don't get me wrong, nothing makes my heart beat like a good olive. But send a bright  yellow green or forest green my way and I'll have no idea what to do with it. So of course, despite my great experience with LORAC shadows, I was hesitant to order the last of them; Jade, Lush and Goddess (the descriptions made them sound really really green! I was frightened!). 
Before I ramble any further- swatches!
Yes, two of them are done indoors under natural light bulb. I did Goddess outside but then it was overcast. 

Lush is a shimmery swamp green with a slight sheen.
Goddess is a bright yellow green shimmer.
Jade is nothing like it's name, but a blackened green base with bright olive sparkle.

Lo and behold, I had nothing to be afraid of. Though at first strange and unfamiliar to me, I quickly found out that these colors when used together made a fantastic green smokey eye.
I'm gonna call this look Peaches'n'Green!
Face: Monistat Gel, L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base, NARS Concealer Ginger/Custard, Avon Coral Radiance blush, MUFE HD
Lips: Smashbox Luminary gloss
Eyes: WnW Creme Liner, UDPP, LORAC Goddess, LORAC Lush, LORAC Jade and falsies.
Brows: NYX Brow Powder in Taupe/Ash

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use.

LORAC Pink Python + FOTD

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

By now, my love for LORAC should be apparent. It's my favorite brand of eyeshadows; smooth, soft, finely milled, amazingly pigmented shadows. So as part of celebrating my birthday, I ordered the Pink Python palettte from LORAC's VIP section (clearance in disguise, basically) for $10.99. I think I used my birthday as way too much of an excuse to buy. Alas, the Pink Python is now in my hands and there's nothing I can do about it but eagerly play with the shadows. 
It's as lovely as I thought it would be. I had put off buying it because based on pictures, it looks very cool, but swatched on my arm it's not necessarily so. Bronze is most definitely warm, but Enlighten and Moonstone are neutral. South Beach and Desire are most decidedly cool though.  
Enlighten is a pearly cream color. Moonstone is a peachy sand shimmer. Bronze is well, bronze with shimmer. South Beach is complex aqua shimmer. Desire, the blush is a shimmery bright, cool pink. 
I've noticed that Enlighten and Moonstone are two colors that are frequently repeated in LORAC's palettes. That's a shame, because it keeps me from wanting to buy some of the other palettes, like the Croc. 
All the shadows and blush are the great LORAC quality that I'm always gushing about: soft, silky and pigmented. Oh, how did I write this much without mentioning the packaging? It's housed in a iridescent pink faux snake skin palette, a little bigger than a deck of cards. The palette is magnetic with a mirror and the shadows are safely nestled in this foamy black material. The best part: no brushes. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I HATE palettes that come with sponge tipped applicators or terrible little brushes that even my tiny little fingers can't manipulate. Great packaging + great product = perfection. And at the low price of $11, what's not to love?
Here's Pink Python hard at work.
I got really tan! I estimate that I'm at least NC25 now, probably closer to 30. It's raining out, so no natural light for me!
Face: LORAC Pink Python's blush Desire, MUFE HD 117, Monistat Anti Chafe Gel, e.l.f. Complexion Perfection, NARS Concealer Ginger/Custard. 
Eyes: UDPP, LORAC Pink Python Palette, Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara.
Lips: Nivea Kiss of Moisture balm with a touch of MAC Viva Glam Gaga