Happy Chinese New Year! With Scratch Nail Wraps

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Hi folks!

It's Chinese New Year! (Or Lunar New Year, as this day is celebrated by many people in different countries, not just China). I was sent this set of Ruby Honeycomb nail wraps by Scratch a few weeks back. When I saw the color combination, I just had to save it for New Year's nails (though I was dying to put them on).

I used the Ruby Honeycomb design on two of my fingers and then did glitter gradients on my other fingers. I've reviewed Scratch nail wraps in the past, they continue to be really easy to use and a joy to behold on my nails. I really adore everything about this design- the vivid colors, the geometric pattern, everything.  Click HERE to go to the Scratch website to pick up a fabulous set for yourself.

What am I holding in my hand in the first picture? A red envelope! Ok, mine is technically gold in color but red envelopes filled with cash are given as gifts in Chinese culture. It varies from region to region, but in my family the children, students and unmarried receive them from the adults. I guess that makes me not a real adult since I received one this year, hah! Then when I graduate and find a great job, it's my turn to give them out, to my parents, grandma, nephews, nieces, etc.

I used these polishes on my other fingers. Jordana Funky Gold Town, Sally Hansen Red Carpet, Pure Ice First Party and Pure Ice Get Low.

We're not doing anything special today (I actually joked to Morgan that we should pick up Panda Express and a six pack... but he took that as a real suggestion so I guess we're having Panda Bowls tonight...) since we'll be in San Francisco in a couple of weeks for the parade and will celebrate then.

Happy New Year! :D

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