Girly Bits Cosmetics I Hit My Bunny Phone

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
 Hi folks!

I have quite a few Girly Bits Cosmetics shades to show you but stumbled upon a quandary. Each multichrome shade is so complex, I'd need 80 million photos to do it any justice! So I decided to break each multichrome color into its own polish.

Tonight, we have I Hit My Bunny Phone. This shade is predominately blue/purple/fuchsia with hints of orange and gold. At extreme angles you can even see green!

 The best part about this shade is that it is super opaque in just two coats. I've noticed that some of the other multichromes available are on the thinner side, this is far from it! No need to layer over black if you don't want to.  The color looks more streaky on camera than it actually is in person, if that makes any sense? In person, you can only barely see a few little shimmer trails down each nail.

Finally, we have an underwater shot. Lovely, right? Here you see the far end of the spectrum, the golds and greens that aren't usually very visible.

Girly Bits I Hit My Bunny Phone is just absolutely spectacular. Click here to add this beauty to your collection!

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