ESQIDO Collection Oh So Sweet Lashes Make Me Look Much Sweeter Than I Actually Am

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good morning!

Today I have my first mink lashes to show you. I was contacted by ESQIDO to see of one their naturally shed mink lashes would float my boat, and Oh So Sweet was just the style that I happen to like.

I've really, really tested these ESQIDO false lashes out. I mean completely, to the end of its lifespan where it simply no longer could be used.

 Oh So Sweet features feathery, crisscrossing hairs that convey a soft, fluttery look. Note how the spacing of the hairs makes for a really light and airy feel.

 Each pair comes with instructions on caring for your lashes. I followed them to a t, since I wanted the most wear out of these gorgeous lashes. Here's a quick run down (click here to read the website in full): don't tug on the hairs themselves, handle only the band, use oil free makeup remover or water to remove and pick off the glue between uses.

I started out with the DUO lash glue in the brush on version (this one here) but I found that my tube was a bit on the drier, super sticky side. I switched to a bottle of classic White/Clear DUO and also picked up some NARS Gentle Oil-Free Makeup Remover since my usual method of makeup removal is oil cleansing.

I wore them constantly, usually without other eye makeup and only a light flush of color on the lips.

They are exceedingly comfortable, definitely the least irritating pair of lashes I have ever worn. The comfort is superior to synthetic material; the cotton band flexes better with each blink than even the thinnest synthetic band.

This was after 11 uses. You can see how the right lash looks rather respectable and relatively intact, though a few of the longer cross hairs have fallen out. The left lash however, has a pretty noticeable chunk missing. I took great pains to only use tweezers to gently hold them only by the band while removing old glue, but I found that glue removal was the greatest cause of lash fallout. When the glue was lifted off, the hairs jumped ship off the band and stuck to the glue.

If I were getting married (or maybe married again, as Morgan is absolutely smitten with the idea of a glacier top vow renewal) or had any other event where comfort and stunning lashes were desired, I would not hesitate to buy this very same set. Oh So Sweet was the perfect amount of lash, enough to draw attention to the eyes and soften the face but they don't jump out of the photo - (we've all seen it, LOOK FAKE LASHES bridal photography).

They're beyond comfortable to wear as far as lashes go and Oh So Sweet has subtle but luscious look that I absolutely love. The only thing I question is the longevity and the website claim of 25 uses per pair if taken care of properly. I certainly didn't abuse them but Oh So Sweet was declared dead after the 12th use. It's not that they aren't great quality (these ESQIDO lashes are the most top notch lashes I have ever used), it's just that the intricate wispy lashes are by nature, delicate.

On the ESQIDO website, Oh So Sweet is selling for $38.

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