Diptyque Oud Palao Eau de Parfum

Monday, September 12, 2016

Good afternoon!

I'm currently procrastinating a bit, which makes it the perfect time to tell you about a fragrance that I've been wearing a lot lately.  First purchased very late last year, it was a new offering by Diptyque to the line of EdPs.  My feelings for woody, incense-y Diptyque EdPs are rather intense and as timing would have it, I had recently finished a decant of Tom Ford Oud Wood. So the scene for a blind oud perfume buy was perfectly set.

I bought it, sprayed myself once. The oud at the beginning is incredibly heavy handed and I admired that, but I turned my nose up at the pervasive rose.

I actually set it aside up until a few months ago, when I sighed and resigned myself to trying it again. Enthusiastic and eager would not have been words you would have used to describe my outlook on smelling that rose again.

With each wear, I enjoy this scent more. My prejudice against rose kept me seeing the other facets of this gem.

Oud Palao opens with this volatile camphor blast that is over before you recognize it for what it is. The oud no doubt is synthetic, as you'll find most widely available oud scents to be. It's really not bad, sweet and sweetened even more so by vanilla and a supporting base of sandalwood.  There's a strong smoky, resin-y quality tempered by patchouli that I love. The rose, well there's no getting around it. It's there, twisting in and out,  possibly   definitely heightened to me by my dislike for the note.

Yet I can reconcile with the Bulgarian rose long enough to recognize that all together, this is a composition that is quite pleasing to wear.

Longevity: Long (for me, initial 10 strong hours, followed by 6 more acceptable hours).
Sillage: Moderate to moderate heavy projection.

Diptyque Oud Palao is an EdP, $150 for 2.5oz at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and the like. Also available as a part of an oud coffret.

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