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Sunday, October 1, 2017

One of the things I picked up in August was a new bottle of perfume during the Rouge Bunny Rouge sale. Embers was my first fragrance from the brand and I think there will be more in my future.

It reminds me of the end of the summer bonfires that we had when I was much younger.  These took place near a large lake. The fire pit was massive, a good ten feet across and surrounded by roughly hewn stumps that served as benches. It took hours to build the fire into a roaring creature that licked at the starry night sky, the cracking and hissing of burning logs punctuating the silence that loomed over the nearby lake.  My face and front of my body would face the roaring fire, my back exposed to the cold night air.  I never could decide if I liked that feeling of being chilly and scorched at the same time.  A stone's throw away from the fire pit was a rickety little sauna, where you would go for a quiet spell when the fire and gathered crowd became too intense.

Embers is the embodiment of those summer nights. Everything from the roaring fire, to the cold stumps, the heat of the sauna and the silence of the stars hanging over the black glossy lake. I've told you everything about how this perfume feels, and yet not a single thing about what it smells like.

It's an Oriental; a spice filled, resin experience with a slight touch of floral that is as contrasting as the cool seat was beneath my legs. It's a clove and nutmeg bomb with a little bit of a sort of cinnamon/burnt sugar balsam undertones. After the initial blast of spices, both there is definitely both burning and burnt woods. The incense is not very liturgical, more hippie headshop for me.  I also get is an amber-y, oozy labdanum that wraps around the other notes of this perfume.

This was a blind buy for me, a purchase I considered very risky. A risk that paid off, because I absolutely love this scent. My spouse also loves it on me. I'm beyond pleased that my first bottle of fragrance from Rouge Bunny Rouge was a great fragrance fit. I also really love the hefty glass flacon, it's a rather good looking bottle.

Longevity: excellent, 8+ hours
Silliage: moderate/huge (especially in 60+RH)

It's a different experience in different conditions. With humidity, the intensity of this fragrance is almost palpable, even one small spritz is almost overpowering, stifling. I wore it on some damp/humid days and the cloves made me want to set it aside for either cooler or drier days. Now that it's drier and autumn is upon us, it is absolutely delightful to wear.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Embers Eau de Parfum is $169 for 50ml. It can be purchased directly from the US Rouge Bunny Rouge website. RBR has kindly offered MakeupWithdrawal readers 20% off the site from now until the end of 2017 with code RBR-MAKEUPWITHDRAWAL20 (no affil).

What scents are you feeling for fall?

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