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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's been a while, our household has been super busy with major repairs and renovations. New kitchen, new heating & cooling... it's been hectic. And expensive. I was going to abstain from the most recent Tom Ford release, I had successfully dodged the lipsticks. Then a sale code made its way to my inbox and I found myself immediately folding. I had wanted one of the two sparkly shades, either Tempete Bleu or Camera Obscura. TB sold out first on the Neiman Marcus website, so Camera Oscura it was!

If this were nail polish, I'd say that it's loaded with glass fleck but that seems like an unappetizing description for eyeshadow. This and Tempete Bleu were the shades that really stood out to me, the other shades looked nice but not $36-nice.

Left is Camera Obscura over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and right is over plain eye primer. When you look at these pictures you undoubtedly see the purpley maroon base, but in real life the blue flecks are so blinding that the base color is just an afterthought. 

Most of the time I think that shimmer or sparkle blends out by the time it gets to my eyelids. Not so with Camera Obscura! With a glitter adhesive, the flecks stayed firmly on my eyes. It's very eye catching, I received a handful of compliments on the first day I wore it. The blue flash of the particles is even more apparent in person.

 I find the size of the compact to be irresistible. It's so tiny! It matches the blush and Mood Light compacts, but instead of flipping right open, the gold bar on the eye shadow snaps perpendicular to the pan as a part of the closure.

Initially I found the surface of the pan to be a little hard pressed, but once you scrape past that layer, the pigmentation improved. It's still a short of sheerish buildable sparkle, I highly advocate using a glitter glue to get an opaque look.

For the most part, all the shades are sold out but Nordstrom still has some in stock, though not Camera Obscura. EDIT: Neiman Marcus restocked some shades including Camera Obscura! No Tempete Bleu though.

Edited to add: here's another look with Camera Obscura. See Instagram for the other items used.

Did you pick up anything from this limited edition collection of eyeshadows?

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