Viseart Editorial Brights Palette

Thursday, July 5, 2018

I'm not sure if this is admirable or a little sad, but I'm familiar enough with Sephora's sale game that I often save big hauls for sales and plan out how I'm going to spend the yearly gift card a few months in advance. Last holiday season I had major plans for the GC, I knew by late August that I'd want to use Sephora's GC to purchase another Viseart palette, specifically the 12 pan Editorial Brights.

 I've reviewed Dark Matte, Neutral Matte, Warm Matte palettes in the past (click for each respective review), so I'll refrain from repeating my thoughts on the packaging other than mentioning that I'm a tiny bit sad that Viseart is going to change over into a new 12 pan style that allows the user to remove pans with ease. I'm just bummed out all my Viseart won't match.

The colors are nearly flat matte, but there seems to be errant particles of shimmer throughout the pans. You can't really see it once it's applied, but I see it glinting at me in the pan every once in a while.

The white shadow is a little chalky and not as pigmented as the rest, and the darker blue shadow is a little more coarse than the other shadows, but has better color payoff. Overall the shadows are pretty consistent with the Viseart formula I know and love. The minty green looks a little more faded in swatches than it does in real life, I think being grouped with the other shades (particularly the nearly neon orange) makes it look a little more washed out.

 Here I've used the orange and pink shades. For details on other products in this look, check out my IG post.

 A few weeks ago  during PRIDE month, I used the pink, the  yellow and the greens as a part of my rainbow look.

This green look with a gleaming copper inner corner uses the yellow and the greens, in addition to the Neutral Matte palette. 

The purple shade is one I reach for often, I was hoping that I could replace my old MUFE 92 with it, because 92 stains something awful on my eyelids. Unfortunately, I've found that the purple (and the pinks) in Editorial Brights also stain on my eyelids, even when I use primer. The severity of the stain changes depending on which cleansing oil I use, so far the cleansing oil-gel from Cremorlab seems to result in the most minimal degree of staining while Heimish's cleansing balm and Hada Labo's cleansing oil results in more moderate/heavy staining. 

I'm not pleased, but I've sort of accepted this as my lot in life. I want bright colors, I get to deal with the stains. Funny enough, I've asked a few others who own this palette if they encounter staining, and it doesn't seem to bother them as much. I'm probably using these shades horribly, horribly wrong

Overall I'm glad I waited a bit on this palette to get it 25% off with the Sephora giftcard. I use it more than I thought I would, and it filled several holes in my collection with its array of hues. Full price, Viseart 12 pan palettes are $80 in the US. 

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