2018 Favorites

Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 was a pretty great year, makeup wise. I didn't try too many new things (mostly just a handful of new lip formulas and just a few new Manyo Factory products) and mostly just beefed up my Natasha Denona collection in addition to my brush hoard. Here's my favorites from the year!

I bought Tom Ford Soleil d'Ambre in February and got a lot of use out of it throughout the year. I wore this blush more than any other in 2018. It's rather pigmented, so it looks like I barely put a dent in it. The eyeshadows are not as intense so those started to show wear first.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Luna Raw Garden Palette is a press sample from RBR. This all matte palette is the perfect counterpart to the shimmery Chronos Palette that was released a few years back. I have a lot of mattes but RBR is easily on top with their formulations. These eyeshadows are a pleasure to use. The only thing would be that I think that the middle three shadows are bit close in light/shade value, it's be nice if one of them was a bit deeper to round out the selection.

Manyo Factory 2 Weeks Express Program. I've repurchased this 4 times now. Most of my dark spots are gone, save for my largest (which is considerably lighter). Review here.

Pat McGrath Labs was a brand that was new to me this year and I quickly fell in love with what Mother has in terms of eye shadows. I love the creaminess and uniqueness of Ultraviolet Blue and the chunky pigment texture of Astral White. The flecks in Astral White are large and just absolutely beautiful. See this post for swatches and looks.

Two standout lip products this year are the NARS PowerMattes and the Chanel Coco Rouge Lip Blushes. The PowerMattes are everything I thought the Velvet Lip Glides were going to be, a thin formula that is incredibly pigmented. They apply like a thin oil but set to a matte finish. They wear nicely and I don't find them very drying at all. I bought Light My Fire, a warm red with a hint of white and Sephora had Starwoman and American Woman as 100 point perks.

I only have one Chanel Rouge Lip Blush - Orange Explosif. The plummy one I had my eye on seems to have been dropped from the lineup, can't find it anywhere. Similar to the PowerMattes, the LB formula wears well for me even with braces.

Did you try any of these products? What were your favorites of 2018?

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