50 Words or Less: Winter Empties

Monday, February 11, 2019

Some things I finished over the last few months!

Origins Gloomaway Body Buffing Cleansing. This one isn't gritty enough to scrub away anything. The smell is nice, like a gingery grapefruit but your $28 is better spent elsewhere.

Yves Rocher Mango Coriander Concentrated Shower Gel. I have a couple showers left, but I've already reordered it. I got over 40 showers out of this and I like the silicone seal in the lid that keeps it from leaking. $8. I love that the mango isn't too sweet.

Pure Heal's Propolis Cleansing Milk. I love this stuff so much, I've reviewed this before. Can't recall if this my second or third tube. Two more are on their way, it's a superb mask to use in the shower to remove overnight products and moisturize at the same time. Kinda hard to buy in the US.

Manyo Factory Treatment Lip Oil in Honey Velvet. My lips haven't been chapped at all this winter! I definitely prefer this over Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask, even if this is thick and my loose hair gets stuck to it. $16.

Uyeda Bisyodo FudeBijin. This is my third bottle. At $12 it's not expensive, but I go through it pretty quickly. I love it for goat hair and synthetic brushes, but I feel like it weighs down squirrel hairs. Very highly amount of fragrance. 

Briogeo Rosarco Repair Conditioner (renamed Farewell Frizz). $24. This was my third bottle. I like it but lately I've reached for Ryo's conditioners because they are significantly less expensive.

Pravana Intense Therapy Treat (Extra) Mask. This is the mini 2 oz. size for $7.99. I liked it, but I only got three uses out of it. Great alongside protein products.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying with Sea Salt. $53. I like getting the minis because... well, shower real estate is at an all time premium. Leaves that false squeaky clean feeling, but as someone with a very oily/waxy scalp, I need that in my life.

Overall, not a bad batch of products! I'm used to having more misses than hits. Most of these I'd pick up again (or already have).

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