Review: Sonia G. Worker Three & Crease Two

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A couple months ago, I picked up two more brushes from Sonia G. Those red handles, how could I resist? I liked the original brushes that I bought last year so much that I didn't overthink this purchase. The only thing that held me back was waiting for Worker Three and Crease Two to be individually available from Beautylish.

Here's the two new brushes with the ones that I had picked up from the original release. I really enjoy the white goat that is in the Sonia G. brushes. It's soft, near flawless (I found one dark hair but the others are pristine white) and the hairs are pretty resilient to staining. The handles are beautifully lacquered and are a great balance of weight/length.

Worker Two on the bottom, Worker Three on top

Worker Three was really interesting to see alongside Worker Two. W3 is like a scaled down version of W2 (just what I wished for in my original review! Hello narcissism) but with shorter hairs and a more bulbous shape rather than tapered. Even though it looks smaller, Worker Three comes in contact with more skin than Worker Two does.

I don't have any other brushes that are quite like Worker Three. I have two from Energy and Qin Brushes that are dense and round, but Worker Three's ferrule is flattened slightly, giving it an oval footprint instead of one that is circular.

Crease Two is also a bit different than anything else I have. It's dense, round and tapers with a curved profile. rephr 07 is flatter across the top and fluffier/looser, while C13 rosewood with blue squirrel and goat is very similar but about 15% bigger.

Worker Three

I like to use this one to disperse a darker color that's been laid down in the crease with a smaller/flatter brush. Very nice blender but I could go for something even smaller but with similar density and shape.

Crease Two

Didn't get a photo of it right on my eyelid, but here it is near my eye for size comparison. I like to use this one to fluff in a transition shade near the beginning of eyeshadow application.

Since my first review, I've definitely grown used to how the thick handles feel in my hand. Doesn't even phase me now. If thicker handles aren't something you think you could get used to, the Sonia G. Pro Eye Series might be more up your alley. They're also available individually now.

Sonia G. Worker Three is $36 and Crease Two is $34. Sonia G. is stocked exclusively at Beautylish at the moment.

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